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Most Focused Chemistry Degree Program, 2019

Top 10% of all U.S. Colleges

College Factual

In a recent ranking of the best chemistry degree programs by College Factual, Wayne State College earned #79 of all colleges in the U.S., placing us in the top 10% nationwide for 2019. Three metrics measure how College Factual determines which colleges are the "Most Focused."

  1. Percentage of students studying a particular major - the higher the better. This is a signal from students at the college that they recognize the strength of the program, and also stands to reason that more resources are dedicated to departments with more students.
  2. Market share - We take it as a positive signal if a college is attracting a lot of students to a particular major. This usually means that a college has more income from tuition to further invest in the program.
  3. Post graduate resources - If a college has significant graduate and doctoral level programs, that indicates they are even more focused on a particular major.  This can mean more resources available to all students.

College Factual, located in Troy, New York, is a leading source of college data analytics and insights, with a strong focus on student outcomes. Its mission is to help all types of students discover their best-fit college and major so they can enjoy their college experience and graduate with less debt. College Factual provides coverage for over 2,500 colleges and universities, 350 college majors, for students in over 160 countries.