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Cellphone Reimbursement Policy



Some NSCS employees have job duties and responsibilities that are critical in supporting business and technical needs; and the NSCS recognizes the importance of cellular telephone service as a function of these roles.

So, in light of personal preferences, as well as economic sensitivity focused on the use of cellular services at the work place (both personal devices and employer provided devices), the NSCS has decided to implement cellular services procedures and significantly reduce the number of employer provided cell phones and corresponding administrative responsibility.

If you would like to request or change services related to office use of either a state owned or personal cell phone, please follow these steps.



WSC Staff.


Step 1

You can review the new NSCS policy, including reimbursement amounts and limits here:

Cellular Services Procedures (full documentation)


Step 2

Complete the WSC & NSCS stipend request forms and submit them to your supervisor along with a copy of your most recent cell phone billing statement:

Cellular Services Acknowledgement and Agreement

Last Updated: 6/21/2022