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WSC Hosts 2023 Crime Scene Investigation Camp

Published Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

2023 CSI Camp
Tara Wiles (foreground), director of Wayne State’s Camp CSI, watches as students discuss and process part of a mock crime scene during the camp.

Participants in Camp CSI conducted a crime scene investigation by collecting, documenting, and processing criminal evidence from a mock crime scene.

Junior high and high school students from Nebraska helped Wayne State College celebrate the fifth anniversary of its Criminal Justice Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Facility by attending Criminal Justice Camp CSI on June 21.

Camp CSI participants were able to conduct a crime scene investigation by collecting, documenting, and processing criminal evidence such as bloodstain spatter analysis, fingerprint acquisition and identification, and shoe and tool impressions.

These types of activities cannot occur in a traditional classroom due to the space requirements and, more importantly, the inability to provide credible simulations.

Completed in 2018, the Wayne State Criminal Justice Crime Scene Investigation Facility provides a practical training site to amplify classroom instruction.

Dr. Ronald Loggins, Dean of Wayne State’s School of Science, Health, and Criminal Justice, said the facility has been pivotal in helping faculty extend their teaching beyond the traditional classroom.

“Our faculty lead Camp CSI participants through hands-on activities in collecting and analyzing evidence, which fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” said Loggins. “Camp attendees get a taste of what is in store for them in their career, and what they can also expect when they attend Wayne State.”

“This camp, held in our CSI facility, provides students a glimpse at the cutting-edge coursework available to them when they attend Wayne State,” added Loggins. “Ultimately, we hope the camp attendees are inspired to pursue criminal justice or forensic science as a career.”

In addition to the educational experiences related to criminal investigations, the lab allows Wayne State students to gain courtroom experience associated with cases they investigate. Learning experiences include testifying in court, introducing evidence effectively, interviewing witnesses, and, for students interested in pre-law, conducting a mock trial. Local judges and attorneys assist students with these experiential learning activities. Additionally, Wayne State Criminal Justice Club members can participate in regional and national crime scene investigation competitions in association with Lambda Alpha Epsilon, a Criminal Justice Association.

The interior of the facility provides an academic learning space to accommodate students and ample space to set up various simulated crime scenes. This house includes all standard features present in a typical house. The exterior features dedicated outdoor space for footwear and tire imprint analysis, entomological projects, and burial of carcasses to study decay.

For more information about studying Criminal Justice at Wayne State, visit the WSC Criminal Justice Department.