Wayne State College

Become a Resident Assistant

What is a Resident Assistant?

Residence life at WSC

Resident Assistants (RAs) are undergraduate or graduate student staff members who live in the residence halls. RAs receive free housing and a meal plan in exchange for their work in the halls. They help support the academic success, social development, and personal growth of students by creating programs and experiences within a diverse community of learners that involve students, faculty, and staff.

The decision to become an RA is not one that should be made lightly. It is a demanding, challenging, and rewarding position. The Resident Assistant position is an opportunity for you to build your leadership skills, and be an ally and role model for students at Wayne State College. Please consider your commitment carefully as you begin this process. In order to fulfill the expectations and responsibilities listed in this application, you must recognize that this position should be your primary out-of-class obligation.


Being an RA means being a supportive member of a team. The Residence Life team consists of your fellow RAs, Community Coordinators,  Assistant Directors, Associate Directors and the Director of Residence Life, as well as Student Desk workers, Campus Security Officers, and Custodial Services. Together the entire staff works as a team to create a responsible living and learning environment.

Expectations of an RA

  • Create residential environments that enhance student academic progress and success
  • Promote the intellectual life of the residence hall
  • Create opportunities for students to explore and clarify their interests, values, and attitudes
  • Build inclusive and reflective environments in which differences of background and belief are explored
  • Provide personal and academic counseling and referral
  • Participate in housing activities
  • Know, enforce, and explain WSC policies
  • Be available to students, and to encourage student responsibility and accountability


  • 12 credit hours completed by the end of Spring Term
  • Minimum cumulate GPA of 2.5
  • Two semesters of on-campus living experience
  • Good standing with the Student Affairs Office