Wayne State College

10 Reasons
to live on campus

The list goes on. From convenience to community to simply having a great Wildcat experience, there are many advantages to living on campus at Wayne State.

Students cheering in stadium
1. The Wildcat Experience

Don’t just attend Wayne State, be a Wildcat! You have a unique opportunity to have the whole college experience through residence hall living. You will make memories and long-lasting friendships. Take the opportunity to enjoy it and don’t rush to live off campus. You have the rest of your life to live off campus but only four years to have an experience unlike any other!

Campus Life
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2. Preparation

Living in the residence halls allows you to learn how to balance your independence and new level of responsibility. You can learn in a secure and safe environment. This will allow you to make decisions for yourself and ease you into the transition of post-college and living on your own.

Explore Housing
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3. Fun

College is an opportunity to meet new people and experience new things. You will have a countless number of social activities and entertainment to enjoy with your floor mates and residential hall. All you have to do is show up and enjoy.

Campus Events
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4. Safety and Security

Your safety is important to us. Campus Security is on call and patrols our campus 24/7 and 365 days per year. Every residence hall is staffed with resident assistants and community coordinators, along with assistant directors (professional staff members who live on campus). As a collaborative effort, they work together in order to keep our halls safe. In addition, we have card access for building entry and keys for room entry.

Campus Safety
Students play cards in Anderson Hall
5. Community

You don’t want to miss what’s going on around campus. We have a lot happening, including social events, speakers, movies and more! You have the chance to learn from others and hear different perspectives, allowing you to gain knowledge and skills for life after Wayne. Plus, when you are a part of a community, you feel a sense of belonging and care.

Campus Events
Students play flag football on campus
6. Involvement

There are many ways to find your niche at Wayne! Clubs, organizations, intramurals, club sports - and don’t forget the endless student leadership opportunities and service. We’ve got you covered with something for everyone.

Ways to Get Involved
Students eat lunch in the Student Center
7. Convenience

When you live on campus, you have access to study lounges, libraries, dining, recreational services, computer labs, and a ton of other campus resources. Avoid the hassle of commuting back and forth, and enjoy more time studying or with friends.

Dining on Campus
Students together at the library
8. Stay Connected

You have easy access to resources and friends when you live on campus. Don’t forget to include support from faculty and staff who are available and close. You have emotional, social, and academic support in the halls via resident assistants.

Campus Life
An Honors student studies in the library
9. Academic Success

According to the American Council on Education, research suggests students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, earn a higher grade point average, and are more like to graduate.

Academic Support Services
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10. No Hidden Costs

Not only are meals included if you live on campus, but housing also includes internet, common area cleaning (hallways, bathrooms, and lounges), and 24-hour onsite security.

Housing Costs