Wayne State College

Comparing College Rugby Programs

Advice for Athletes Comparing College Rugby Programs

  • Use your eyes, ears, and the judgment of wisdom when choosing a four-year college; your choice is one of the three biggest decisions in your life.
  • Evaluate the vision of the rugby program for the next four years.
  • Is the program on the rise financially with support because of success?
  • Is the climate of the program on the rise?
  • Evaluate the philosophy of the program (inside and outside of rugby).
  • Does the program play up to challenges? (Wayne State has played Texas Tech, SMU, TCU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas, Baylor, Oklahoma State,  Colorado State, Northwestern, Michigan, Ohio State, Kansas State, Missouri, New Mexico, Air Force Academy, Nebraska, Wyoming, California Santa Cruz, California Maritime, Puget Sound, William and Mary, Purdue, and Wisconsin, along with other Division I and Division II programs.)
  • Look for proof of commitment during a campus visit and see rugby specific facilities (WSC has one of the finest overall facilities dedicated only to rugby).
  • Do the math and see the bottom line of the cost of all four years of education and protect yourself from graduating with too much debt from high tuition costs.
  • Always ask any college how many coaching changes have happened during the past 15 years.
  • What is the school’s rugby coaching style and philosophy?
  • Look at career paths and job placement after graduation.
  • What kind of academic support does the school offer for athletes (WSC offers athlete-based tutor assistance)
  • Does the school offer assistance in part time jobs during the school year? (WSC has several part time jobs on campus.)
  • Are there opportunities for community service? Learn to give back to those who support you.
  • What level of media exposure exists for rugby season (TV/Newsprint/Radio/Social Media)?
  • Take a hard look at game day experience, fan base, promotions and media coverage.
  • What is the roster size of program?
  • What is the total number of games for A side and B side for maximum playing time?
  • Is your school of choice nationally ranked overall as a distinct and positive financial value by a national acclaimed independent evaluator on the overall cost of a four-year education? (WSC ranked #8 out of 403 institutions in the Midwest and mentioned as “Best Bang For The Buck”)
  • How many national playoff berths during the past 15 years?
  • How many national quarter-finals, semi-finals and national championships during the past eight years?
  • Playoff/Championship destinations/travel/sightseeing (WSC has been to Denver, Albuquerque, Detroit, Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Orlando, New Orleans, Ft. Worth, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, South Bend, Baton Rouge, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City)