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Introducing video gaming as a club sport! Esports is now officially recognized as a competitive sport with potential scholarship opportunities at Wayne State College. Join the Wildcat Esports athletes today!

Fall 2020 ECAC Commissioner's Cup Recipient

WSC is the inaugural recipient of the cup award, which goes to the program that achieved the most broad-based success across all nine games. Learn More

Spring 2021 Season Results

Black = Varsity; Gold = Junior Varsity. Rank followed by game title and record.

#1 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Black (11-1)
#4 - Valorant Black (8-3)
Top 8 - Rocket League Black (7-3)
#8 - Fortnite Black (247 points)
#9 - League of Legends (4-6)
#10 - Fortnite Gold (241 points)
#14 - Fortnite White (183 points)
Top 16   Hearthstone (5-5)
#21 - Valorant Gold (4-5)
Top 32   Rocket League Gold (6-4)
#46 Overwatch Black (3-5)
#48 - Overwatch Gold (3-5)
#50 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (4-5)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Black team won the ECAC Grand Final and placed in the Top 4 in the Collegiate Esport National Championships.


Eastern College Athletic Conference

For esports, Wayne State is a member of the Eastern College Athletic Conference. ECAC involves 57 schools with more than 250 teams playing eight games, with no limit to teams in each gaming title. Competition culminates with a chance at winning the conference title. Learn more about ECAC.

All gaming titles offered by the ECAC automatically qualify for potential clubs. A gaming title not listed may still be accepted and played competitively through other services like TESPA.

  • FIFA
  • Fortnite
  • Hearthstone
  • League of Legends
  • Madden
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate

WSC offers PC gaming only.

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WSC Esports Contact

Nick Sutton
[email protected]

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Wildcat Esports

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