Wayne State College

Taylor Van Pelt

Hometown: Tripp, S.D.

High School: Tripp-Delmont School

College education: B.S. Human Services (minor in Family Life Studies), Wayne State College ‘23

Favorite things about WSC: I was drawn to Wayne State by the small but friendly atmosphere. I knew I wanted a very personal education, and with the low student-to-faculty ratio I knew I would be able to find extra support as needed. I stayed at Wayne State College because I felt supported by my peers and the campus faculty. Networking opportunities over the last four years have helped me grow in ways I never imagined for myself, and I am now able to approach the professional world with more confidence than ever.

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot is the lower level of the Student Center. Cat’s Corner has some of my favorite food items as well as Starbucks for my caffeine fix! There are several places to sit whether you want to study or hang out with your friends. If students want to talk, eat food, study, or even play pool, this area is the perfect place to relax after class.

College search advice: One thing that helped me decide what college was going to work for me was creating a list of priority items I was looking for while “shopping” for a college. Whether you are looking for a specific major, small/large college size, a specific club opportunity, prioritizing affordability, etc., by creating this list you can separate out colleges that meet your specific needs. This makes the decision process less overwhelming and allows you to have the best and most successful college experience when you get there!

Hobbies: My favorite pastimes include camping with my family, kayaking at the river, trying new recipes, reading books, shopping with friends, and working on craft projects.

Fun fact: I am a huge Taylor Swift fan and have been listening to her music for more than 15 years!