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7 p.m. every other Monday

Connell Hall Room 131

Student Senate

Elected members represent the student body to provide a form of government giving students a forum for expression of views, interests, and protection of student rights, and to support student activities on behalf of students at Wayne State College.

The student body government supervises student activities by:

  1. Providing a forum for the expression of student views.
  2. Improving student cultural and social welfare.
  3. Developing better educational standards, facilities, and teaching methods.
  4. Fostering the recognition of the rights and responsibilities of students to school and community.

To be eligible for the office of Student Senator you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Enrolled for at least 12 hours at Wayne State College.
  • Completed 12 hours at Wayne State College at the beginning of your term of office.
  • Carry a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above.
  • Must not be on disciplinary probation.
  • Pursuing a Senator position for the academic department in which you have a declared major. (For example, an individual majoring in communication would be pursuing a position within the School of Arts and Humanities.)
  • Gather signatures from the department or constituency you are representing.
  • Attend at least two Student Senate meetings the semester prior to taking position.
  • Sign the disclaimer stating you have read and agree to the “Election Rules and Regulations” handbook.

Student Senators for 2022-23

Executive Board
Carter Ossian, President
John Munter, Vice-President
Daisha Hoffman, Secretary
Brett Hilbers, Student Trustee
Liz Blaser, President Pro-Tempore

Additional Representatives
Ellie Varrucciu, Diversity and Inclusion Representative
Brittany Ellison, Student Activities Board Representative
Belle Vacek, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Representative
Blaire Hilbers, Undecided Senator

School of Arts and Humanities
Miguel Barajas
Elias Reiter
Blake Bartling

School of Business and Technology
Alec Janousek
Griffin Ryan
Divon Tinsley
Katie Rathman
Jake Ridder
Coen Herrig
Zephan Tinsley

School of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Molly Johnson
Addison Hejl
Ian Bengston
Regan Ott
Alexis Tolliver
Belle Vacek
Matthew Sehnert
Hannah Urban

School of Science, Health, and Criminal Justice
Austin Fernau
Ashley Schemek
Kyle Jedlicka
Emma Wilkinson
Liz Blaser
Mary Helms
Savannah Hearn

Freshman Senators
Luke Polacek
Jasper Birkestrand
Ansley Noyes
Braxton Dalton