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How to Get Help Faculty/Staff

The WSC Service Center should be called primarily to report critical problems that must be addressed immediately. Non-critical problems should be reported to the departmental Office Assistant, Dean, Department Chair or Director who will submit a request with the Service Center.


Examples of critical problems include:

    When equipment in a classroom malfunctions during a class
    When equipment or network failures occur while teaching in a computer lab
    When computers and/or projectors malfunction during a class
    When office computers or printers will not work (make sure you have tried to reboot first)
    When a critical software application fails to work
    When you have forgotten your password


Examples of non-critical problems that should be reported to the Office Assistant include:

    Malfunction of an individual computer in a lab
    Malfunction of a non-critical software application 
    Minor malfunctions of office computers 


Request the following scenarios with your Dean, Department Chair, or Director:

    Requests to order new software
    Requests to order new hardware
    Requests to have technology equipment moved (temporarily or permanently)
    Requests for establishing new services




Last Updated: 1/27/2021