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NJAS Regional Science Fair Abstract Form

Please fill out the following form completely.

Category (check one)

  • 1-Behavioral & Social Sciences
  • 2-Biochemistry
  • 3-Botany
  • 4-Chemistry
  • 5-Consumer Science
  • 6-Earth & Space Science
  • 7-Engineering
  • 8-Environmental Sciences
  • 9-Mathematics & Computer
  • 10-Medicine & Health
  • 11-Microbiology
  • 12-Physics
  • 13-Zoology

Grade: (check one)

Junior Division: 6, 7, 8, or 9 (1 or 2 students per project) or

Senion Division: 9, 10, 11, 12 (1 or 2 students per project)

Presenter Information

Project Title:

Name (Last, First):

Partner name (Last, First): (if you have a partner)

School System:

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Research Location:


Abstract must include a brief review of problem, hypothesis, and methods, with a summary of results and conclusions. It must be 250 words or less. The abstract should avoid any special formating and almost always be one paragraph. See How to Write a Science Fair Abstract for some general guidelines.

Remember: You are responsible for editing your abstract!

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