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Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Convention

Coming Spring 2022.

About the Convention

The Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Convention (formerly known as WillyCon) is our version of Comic-Con. The convention is typically held in the spring, depending on holidays and the academic calendar. Some of our programs are presented by WSC science educators and others by students and/or selected guests dealing with fantasy, science fiction, and gaming topics. We also have a short-story contest, an art show and auction, a masquerade show, gaming, movies, dealer's room, etc.

For more information, contact:

This convention is sponsored by the FANClub of Wayne State College. Being a fan-based convention held on a college campus, the student organizers change from year to year. Please contact the FANClub advisor for more information:

c/o Melanie Loggins
Wayne State College
1111 Main Street
Wayne, NE 68787
[email protected]