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Wildcat Academy of Leadership and Knowledge

Start your first year of college in fun environment where you can meet new friends and build connections.

Do you see yourself as a leader?

Have you aspired to be one?

Would you like to start your first year at college in an active environment where you can meet new friends and build connections on campus?

If so, WALK might be for you.

WALK is a living learning experiential program that helps you become an emerging leader of tomorrow, meet some great friends, and supports you through your first year of college. WALK students participate in a wide variety of leadership activities that will develop their leadership skills and learn more about themselves as well as the world around them.

Whether you’ve been active in sports, student government, the arts, etc. or have always wanted to get involved, the WALK is a great way to start your college career, learn more about yourself, and meet new friends on your WALK to success!

Program Benefits

Wayne State College

  • Establish lifelong friendships with your peers.
  • Discover who you are and unique aspects of your personality.
  • Learn more about the community around you and what it means to be a global citizen.
  • Enhance your leadership skills so you can stand out in tomorrow's society.
  • Live in Neihardt! This newly renovated hall features a spacious living environment and you'll be living with other WALK participants.
  • Receive a certificate, pin and cords for you to wear when you graduate from Wayne State.
  • Most, importantly, you'l have fun! 

WALK Features

Planning for college

Anyone can participate regardless of their major. Our class requirements correspond with General Education requirements so you are not taking more courses than needed.

WALK students gather once a week with the WALK coordinator to participate in hands-on leadership activities as well as reflect on their growth and development as leaders. These weekly seminars are approximately 1.5 hours, leaving time for your other studies.

We believe being a leader means being engaged with your community. WALK students participate in community service projects throughout the year. 



  • Download and submit the application.
  • Applications are due May 1.
  • To apply, download the application.
  • When you complete your housing application, make sure you select that you're interested in receiving more information about WALK.
  • We recommend applying early, as demand for this program is always high. 



Quinneka Lee
Director of Residence Life and WALK Coordinator
Phone: 402-375-7318
Email: qulee1@wsc.edu