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Getting to know technology at WSC


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1) Who is NATS?

NATS (Network and Technology Services) is the technology support office on campus.  NATS purchases, installs, and provides technical support for most WSC technology services, including computer hardware, printing, copying, classroom technology, phone system, faxing, internet, online learning, and email.  NATS also supports students living on and off campus, as well as faculty and staff personal computers.  NATS operates from three offices on campus:


The Technology Resource Center (TRC) – LI 014 -- 402-375-7090


Provides support for faculty and student use of technology in the academic process, including support for WSC’s learning management system (LMS), Sakai.  The TRC is located in the basement of Conn Library.

The Administrative Systems office – HA 303D -- 402-375-7553


Provides support for WSC’s student information system (SIS), WildcatsOnline.  Administrative Systems is located on the third floor of the Hahn Administration building.

The primary NATS office is in the Campus Services building and houses these functions:


The Help Desk – CBN144 -- 402-375-7107 –

Help Desk hours can be found at:


Network Operations


Graphic Design


Telephone Operations


Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) CBN 128 -- 402-375-7286 –



2) What are the major technology services I should be familiar with?


eCampus - ( web portal for accessing many online services and resources, such as WildcatsOnline, Sakai, email, and Trouble Ticket.


WildcatsOnline – student information system for accessing student records and class rosters, as well as entering midterm and final grades.


Sakai - learning management system (LMS) for hosting online courses.


Email – Groupwise is the current staff and faculty email system; it is accessible through on-campus desktop computers or via eCampus.


Trouble Ticket - technology support portal for requesting assistance with equipment, software and services on campus.


TrueYou – ( Identity management system for managing your login credentials necessary to access the Firefly system. ***


FireFly – ( Employee self-service portal for accessing payroll, benefit, and other personal information. ***

*** Please see the handout provided by Human Resources for accessing TrueYou and Firefly



3) How do I access the online resources via eCampus and log in to campus computers?

All WSC students, faculty, and staff are provided login credentials (username and password). Your dean, director, or supervisor will request this through the Network Account Manager (NAM) portal. The majority of technology services utilize single sign-on services, providing you the ability to use just one set of login credentials for all services.



4) My computer equipment is not working. Whom do I contact at NATS?

Requests for assistance with technology-related equipment, software, and services on campus should be submitted through Trouble Ticket. Faculty and staff in academic buildings are encouraged to have their office assistants submit the request on their behalf, especially if the request is for a shared space, such as a classroom.



5) I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need computer assistance….....can I get the service request (Trouble Ticket) submitted for my problem moved to a higher priority?

Yes, report critical technology needs to the Help Desk at 402-375-7107. Problems affecting student academics are given the highest priority. Priority is then given to faculty and staff, move requests, and new installs, in that order.



6) Are my email messages archived for me?

Email messages will be saved on the server for 18 months. You can set up email archive preferences using the documentation available here: You might also want to consider the help documentation regarding “How do I backup my local archive?"



7) Where should I store my documents? Are they backed up? Can I get to them from home?

Every WSC student, faculty and staff member is provided network storage space where work documents are backed up and usually recoverable if problems arise. Documents saved to the C: drive are NOT recoverable. Personal network storage space (J: drive) is mapped to desktop computers (offices, labs, and classrooms) when logged into, as is shared network storage space (G: drive). The G: drive is for collaborating with others within your department or across campus, and access to folders is generally based upon approval from your dean, director, or supervisor.  Both the J: and G: drives can be accessed from any internet connected location via eCampus.



8) How do I connect to the campus wireless internet services?

wsc-secure is available to WSC users in many areas of the WSC campus.  Further information and instructions for setting up your device can be found at:



9) I think my computer equipment is out of date. Can I get new equipment?

As we all know, technology advances at a fairly fast rate.  Discuss your needs with your dean, director, or supervisor, who should then contact the CIO.



10) I want my computer equipment moved. Whom do I contact?

Whether you want the computer equipment moved to another office or re-arranged in your current area, please email the request to the CIO.



11) Whom do I contact for training on WSC’s online learning management system (Sakai)?

For support or to set up an appointment call 402-375-7090 (7090 from an on-campus phone).



12) I am a graduate assistant (GA). Why do I now have a work account and a student account?

GAs are considered WSC staff, and all staff and faculty are provided network accounts and email for work-related tasks.   GAs should continue to use their student accounts for student work.

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