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Why Study Abroad?

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding education opportunities you can experience while in college. Students who study abroad return with a new view of the world, a view that helps them better understand the nature of differences but also the degree of sameness. It can help them reflect and develop a deeper understanding of who they are and how they want to direct their future.

Benefits of studying abroad

  • You can develop personal growth.
    Learning a new language, interacting with people from different cultures, and seeing historical monuments and architecture can lead to increased self-confidence and a better understanding of personal values.
  • You can earn credit.
    Studying abroad often qualifies for general studies requirements or may be used in support of many majors and minors. Consult with your academic advisor, and your time in a foreign country could be well spent academically.
  • You can gain cultural competence.
    A person's culture reflects very deep perceptions, beliefs and values that influence his or her way of life and view of the world. Students who experience cultural differences can better understand values of other cultures and gain insight into their own.
  • You can build your resume.
    A study abroad experience tells future employers that you understand the world, are confident and are willing to try new things. Your experiences living abroad, as well as negotiating with another culture, will set you apart from others in your career.