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Student Activities Office



SAB Mission


Mission Statement:

Student Activities Board is committed to bringing new and innovative entertainment to Wayne State College for the enjoyment of students.



Value Statements:

P - People

With out the contribution of our members it would not be possible to plan and host the various entertainment events that we provide for the students. Because of this we want to be an organization that shows that we appreciate everything the members do for the organization.


O - Opportunities:

Student Activities Board wants to provide its members with the chance to do new and exciting things throughout the year. We also want to provide an environment where people can feel comfortable to take a leadership role and express their ideas. Finally, we want to be a place were people can create new and lasting friendships.


I - Innovation:

We realize that for us to stay fresh and provide students with new and different types of entertaiment, we need to embrace change. As an organization we need to be open to new ideas and willing to give them a chance.


N - Networking:

Nothing in the organization is accomplished throught the efforts of a single person. We strive to provide a team atmosphere which combines the best of everyones ideas. We also believe by doing this it will give everyone a feeling of ownership in the group. Another part of Student Activities Board is to serve as a link between the students and the college administration and faculty


T - Technology:

Student Activities Board believes strongly in the use of new technology to help create innovative programs. It also allows the organization to improve communication between the members and students. If we don't make use of new technology we will fall behind the curve as an organization.


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