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Wrestling Body Composition and Hydration Status Analysis


Kris Hinnerichs is the HHPS department's NSAA Master Assessor. Each September, she attends a Master Assessor meeting/training session and then each October she conducts Assessor Training sessions at various locations in Northeast Nebraska, based on demand.


In November wrestlers come to WSC to have their hydration status and body composition measured. This information, along with height and weight is entered into the Optimal Performance Calculator. The OPC then calculates the safe minimal weight that a wrestler may descend to. The OPC also determines the safe amount of weight that can be lost each week during the season.


The program was designed to better control unsafe weight loss practices in the sport of wrestling.


For more information on this service contact Kris:

Here is the website link for more information on this NSAA program.


RHOP - Rural Health Opportunities Program


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