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HHPS: Wellness Program

Campus Services


We offer a variety of services for full-time students, faculty and staff of Wayne State College:


Personal Training

We provide everything from exercise prescription to stress management. The
best part is, all programs are specifically designed for YOU!

Call Paul McCawley at 375-7119 to sign up.



Diet Analysis

Have your diet assessed and learn how improve your daily eating plan.



Exercise Assessment

See how fit you really are. A program will be specifically designed for you based on your goals and the assessments.



Body Composition

Underwater weighing or skinfold testing is available for the general public.

Wrestling | We also assess body composition in order to determine minimal wrestling weights and the safe amount of weight that can be lost each week for regional high school wrestling team members. Click here for more information on this service..

RHOP - Rural Health Opportunities Program


Contact Info

Dr. Tammy Evetovich

Dean, Natural & Social Sciences

(402) 375-7030

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