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Geography Opportunities: Retailing, U.S. Military, Market Analysis, Foreign Service, Graduate School, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Geological Survey, Real Estate Development, U.S. National Park Service, Secondary School Teacher, Tourism and Travel Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Protection Agency. See Career Site for further information and career possibilities.

Contact Dr. Randy Bertolas, Department Chair, for questions relating major to careers.


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To Prospective Students

The School fosters a climate of intellectual curiosity while it also provides the training needed to start a good career or go on for additional graduate education. Faculty collaboration with students on research is encouraged, along with engagement in regional service and community outreach. Students' creativity is showcased through a variety of interconnected science based projects and experiential learning is promoted through many kinds of opportunities in the community. The School has been highly successful in placing students into professional schools and graduates into jobs.


Here are some former and current student testimonials from across the School:


HPOG-  "It was fun being a student at Wayne State College, but it is more exciting being a teacher now that I have graduated. Actually, I am still a student because I learn new things everyday. Teaching is a lot of fun. Keep up the good work at WSC in the classroom. I really enjoyed my teachers and I use materials from my Geography and History course work whenever I get the chance."


Jeff Jepsen, Geography and History Education major, Class of 2000


RHOP - Rural Health Opportunities Program


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