School of Natural & Social Sciences


SPCJ: Buildings and Resources

Sociology, Psychology & Criminal Justice


CONNELL HALL houses two departments: History/Politics/Geography and Sociology/Psychology/Criminal Justice as well as the Dean of Natural & Social Sciences.

Connell Hall

Facilities: Two student computer labs (22 stations each, Windows 98, Pentium III, networked, Internet access for classes when scheduled, otherwise available for student use), three distance education classrooms, offices and classrooms for the Department of HIS/POS/GEO and the Department of SOC/PSY/CJA, and one computer cartography lab.



Click here for a more complete history of Connell Hall.


RHOP - Rural Health Opportunities Program


Contact Info

Dr. Tammy Evetovich

Dean, Natural & Social Sciences

(402) 375-7030

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