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Carhart Science, home of the physical sciences and mathematics department, houses the Dale Planetarium, the only planetarium in northeast Nebraska. Telescopes are placed on the roof for star gazing as well. Shows for students K-12 classes are available upon request.


Shows (recent and current) include:

"The Search" (Feb 2-March 2).    The chemicals that form our bodies-the chemicals of life-are spread throughout the universe. Could there be then, out in space, other beings who scan the heavens as we do, wondering if they are alone in the universe? How extraterrestrial beings might react to the first message from Earth, and how we might react to the first contact from Space are central to the the theme of "The Search"


"Surveying Spring and Summer Skies" (March 30-May 4).    This is an intimate look at the evening skies of Spring, dominated by the bright planets Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter, as well as numerous interesting star clusters and nebular. As Spring changes to Summer, Mars takes center stage, and by August will be within 35 million miles of Earth, the closest approach in recorded history!


Carhart Science also contains several special science labs and a student access computer lab.




Click here to learn more about the Dale Planetarium.


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