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Metabolic Cart
With our Parvo Medics' TrueOne® metabolic system, we are capable of continuously measuring oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide production and ventilatory volumes. We are able to assess the ventilatory threshold, as well as conduct maximal graded exercise testing with true oxygen consumption measurements. The system allows us to also examine whole body metabolism with regard to fuel utilization. Our students become familiar with calibration and uses of the equipment through experiences in their coursework.


Students learn how to apply electrodes in a 12 lead configuration (using a Quinton-Q-Stress) and how to conduct a standard exercise stress test. Our Cardiac rehab class (PED 400) provides instruction in recognizing ECG rhythms and interpreting 12 lead ECGs. Our lab is equipped with an ECG simulator, which allows students to examine rhythms in real time.


Electronically Braked Cycle Ergometer
We have a Lode Corival electronically braked cycle ergometer. The Corival is an RPM-independent ergometer whereby you can continuously adjust the workload by simply pushing a button. The accuracy of the workload and RPM is not influenced by mechanical drag or environmental conditions therefore the reliability of the Corival cannot be matched. Thus, this cycle provides a valid instrument for research and testing and is used for many different bike protocols.


A new and exciting technology that has been added to the lab is our electromyography. We are able to examine the electrical activation of motor units of the muscles during activity using surface EMG. Our system includes a remote pack with a tether which allows us to monitor up to 4 muscles simultaneously (Biopac-Tel 100). The software and computer hardware allows us to sample at rates up to 70,000 Hz. Real time displays provides instant feedback to the students, and the software can perform any number of math calculations (integration, FFT, filtering, median/mean frequency). We are also able to measure skin temperature, brain waves, and have recently acquired an electro-goniometer.


Isokinetic Testing
The determination of isokinetic strength at various speeds helps to show the importance of specificity of training. It also provides our athletic trainers the opportunity to perform typical strength assessments. We have a HUMAC NORM isokinetic dynamometer. It is interfaced with our Biopac data acquisition system that allows us to view the torque and position curve and look at the relationship between torque output and motor unit recruitment (as reflected by electromyography).



Fitness Testing Equipment
Our lab is equipped with a number of fitness testing devices. Grip dynamometers, glucose monitors, portable lactate analyzer, skinfold calipers, Nutrition/Fitness software, bioelectric impedance analyzer, monark cycle ergometers, and a Stairmaster stepper. We are able to show our students how to perform almost every type of fitness test so that they may be able to understand exercise prescription principles. We are confident our students are well prepared for the demands of the fitness industry when they have completed our program.


Body Composition
To complete our lab we have added a hydrostatic weighing tank with see-through plexi-glass siding. We are able to utilize the most precise method of body composition currently available, and our students become quite familiar with proper testing procedures. We also provide students training in skinfold fat assessment, bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), and Near-Infrared Interactance (NIR).



RHOP - Rural Health Opportunities Program


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