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Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society



Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, founded by Dr. William Bagley in 1911 at the University of Illinois, was established to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching. The founders chose the name from the Greek words to represent knowledge, duty, and power. Pioneering from its beginning by including women as well as men, Kappa Delta Pi grew from a local chapter to the international organization it is today, comprising 582 chapters and more than 45,000 members.


Kappa Delta Pi members keep good company. Albert Einstein, George Washington Carver, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Margaret Mead are just a few of the historically known members. Current renowned members include Barbara Morgan, Alfie Kohn, Lisa Delpit, Andy Hargreaves, James Banks, and Howard Gardner. To date, more than 1,200,000 educators worldwide have been inducted into this international honor society.


From its inception, Kappa Delta Pi has been dedicated to scholarship and excellence. Yet, this 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization is more than an honor society. Through its programs, services, and products, Kappa Delta Pi supports and enhances the professional growth and teaching practices of its member educators throughout the phases and levels of their teaching careers. This support is essential to inaugurating and retaining the best and brightest professionals in the field of education.


The mission of Kappa Delta Pi is to sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service.

The vision
of Kappa Delta Pi is to help committed educators be leaders in improving education for global citizenship.


Individually and collectively, Society members recognize and honor achievement; strive to a high degree of professional fellowship, leadership, and growth in the field of education; and serve their students and educational community.

From its Alpha chapter beginning to its present-day chapter status that includes professional chapters, community colleges, and international members, Kappa Delta Pi is synonymous with scholarship, teaching, and service. The organization continues to strive to meet the changing needs of educators and their students, as well as provide member educators resources and opportunities that encourage innovative and best practices. Through publications, conferences, online resources, networking of education leaders, and strategic partnerships, Kappa Delta Pi focuses on issues that are critical to the growth of the profession and its individual teachers.


How to become a member

To become a member of the KAPPA BETA Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi. you must be invited to join. Invitations to join the KAPPA BETA Chapter are sent out during the month of February each year. In order to become a member of the KAPPA BETA Chapter, you must be present for the initiation ceremonies.


Invitations to join the KAPPA BETA Chaper of Kappa Delta Pi are based upon but not limited to the following criteria:

Currently hold, or be eligible to hold a degree in Teacher Education: a discipline within the School of Education

  • Seniors must have completed at least 90 semester hours; 60 semester hours must be completed at Wayne State College
  • Graduate students must have completed at least 28 semester hours; 18 semester hours must be completed at Wayne State College
Currently have and maintain a Grade Point Average of at least 3.95 on a 4.0 grading scale.
Receive recommendation from a professor within the School of Education & Counseling



Membership BENEFITS


Knowledge Benefits

Gain insights on hot topics in education and access research and best practices through an array of print and electronic resources. Conveniently delivered right to you or instantly available online, KDP’s ever-expanding knowledge base will empower you to advance your teaching.


Free subscription to New Teacher Advocate magazine during 1st year of membership
Free subscription to Kappa Delta Pi Record journal beginning in 2nd year of membership
Discounted subscription to The Educational Forum journal
Monthly e-newsletter Solutions with practical ideas and suggestions for educators
Education in the News providing a collection of executive summaries of top news stories updated weekly
Virtual Teaching Resources offering hundreds of recommended ideas, lesson plans, and links for various content areas and grade levels
Online archived back issues of KDP print publications for your research

Community Benefits

Be involved in the education organization that connects great ideas and great people. You are part of a network of 45,000 active members, including some of today’s top thinkers and practitioners in education.

Teacher Hotline providing a team of nationally recognized teachers to answer your questions confidentially 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Member Discussion Board and free monthly e-newsletter
Leadership opportunities and professional development programming especially for undergraduates, graduates, practicing teachers, and administrators through 600+ chapters across North America
Career Center providing advice and resources on getting a teaching position, and giving you access to search for or post a job on Teachers-Teachers.comand experience.com
Professional development and networking opportunities at local, state, regional, and national meetings
Webinars and podcasts with experts on today’s hottest education topics
Literacy Alive! service project inspires and encourages literacy for children and adults

Recognition Benefits

Accepting the honor of membership in Kappa Delta Pi validates your commitment to excellence and professionalism in education. Set yourself apart by joining a community dedicated to the worthy ideals of fidelity, science, service, and toil.

Your proud accomplishment shown when you wear a KDP stole or honor cords at graduation
Scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate study, doctoral research, and student teaching
Classroom Teacher Grants for special projects
Teacher of Honor recognition for demonstrating your excellence as a teacher and your commitment to education
Post your personal and professional successes
Need to publish? Your research submitted for consideration in one of KDP’s two quarterly refereed journals or the magazine for beginning teachers; or presented at the international Convocation

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