Student Council of Exceptional Children (SCEC)

Wayne State College Chapter



Casey Hurner  |  402-375-7383  |  |  123B Brandenburg Hall

Laura Franklin  |  402-375-7511  |  |  122 Brandenburg Hall



Eleanor Cerveny @ 402-631-3783 or




President Eleanor Cerveny
Vice President

Amy Fleer

Secretary Kayla Brewer
Treasurer Katie Mann




The Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) works to improve the educational success of children with disabilities and/or gifts and talents and supports the professionals who work on their behalf.


Core Values
• The dignity and worth of all individuals.
• Social justice, inclusiveness, and diversity.
• Professional excellence, integrity, and accountability.
• Rich and meaningful participation in society for all individuals with exceptionalities.
• Effective individualized education for all individuals with exceptionalities.
• The importance of families in the lives and education of all individuals with exceptionalities.
• Collaboration and community building to improve outcomes.

SCEC is an international community of educators who are the voice and vision of special and gifted education. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with exceptionalities and their families through professional excellence and advocacy.

SCEC is a diverse, vibrant professional community working together and with others to ensure that individuals with exceptionalities are valued and included in all aspects of life. SCEC is a trusted voice in shaping education policy and practice and is globally renowned for its expertise and leadership. SCEC is one of the world's premiere education organizations.


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