Secondary Education Major


Programs are available for students who are planning to teach in the grades 7-12. Individuals are provided with opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding, skills, and competencies for teaching specific subjects in one or more areas.


Additionally, students may prepare to teach music, art or physical education in grades K-12. On completion of the program, the student is prepared for a teaching position or for graduate level work.


A supplemental endorsements in Coaching (18 hours), ESL (15 hours), and is also available.


General Education Requirements:  Minimum 44 hours (see catalog)


Transfer Students:  Students transferring from a Nebraska community college with an AA or AS degree who wish to pursue an endorsement in Art, Health and Physical Education, Music, Special Education, or any of the secondary subject areas are required to have transcript documentation of coursework required for the respective endorsement program.  If not taken previously, students may be required to take additional general education courses to meet current state requirements for teacher preparation.



Secondary Professional Education Courses:  33 Hours                                                       


EDU 150   Professional Education in a Diverse Society 3
EDU 250   Human Development and Cognition 3
EDU 275   Intro to PK-12 Instruction 3
SPD 301  Inclusive Practices for General and Special Educators 3
EDU 310   Reading, Writing, and Assessment in Content Areas 2
EDU 406   Classroom Management 3
EDU 409   Content Area Methods and Assessment 3
EDU 414   Content Area Clinical Experience 1
EDU 456   Student Teaching and Seminar Secondary Schools 12



Secondary Education majors need to indentify one Field Endorsement Area(s) or  two Subject Endorsements (except the English subject endorsement which stands alone).  More information for each subject area may be found on the web site for that department.



Art Education Content Area

Language Arts Content Area
Business Education Content Area Mathematics Content Area
Family & Consumer Science Content Area Music Content Area
Foreign Language Content Area Natural Science Content Area
Health & Physical Education Content Area Social Science Content Area
Industrial Technology Content Area Special Education 7-12



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