Elementary Education (Field Endorsement)

Early Childhood (Subject Endorsement)


Objectives: Individuals are provided with opportunities to development knowledge, understanding, skills, and competencies for teaching kindergarten through grade levels: K - 6 (K - 8 for self-contained classrooms). On completion of the program, the student is prepared for a teaching position or for graduate level work.


General Education Requirements:  Minimum 44 hours (see catalog)


Specific courses required for Elementary Education majors to meet General Education and state certification:

  • MAT 210 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers 1 (3) to satisfy the Block 2 Mathematics General Education requirement.
  • choose a literature course in Block 3 of the General Education program


Transfer students:

Students transferring from a Nebraska community college with an AA, or AS degree may have to take additional courses to meet state certification requirements as follows:  30 hours of coursework in communications  (literature-3, composition-3, and speech-3); mathematics-minimum 6; natural sciences-minimum 6; and social sciences-minimum 6; and additional coursework in fine arts and humanities, and health and wellness.


K-8 Elementary Professional Education courses: 32 hours


EDU 150 Professional Education in a Diverse Society 3
EDU 250 Human Development and Cognition 3
EDU 275 Introduction to P-12 Instruction 3
SPD 160 Foundations of Special Education 3
EDU 302 Curriculum, Standards,  & Assessment in the Elem. School 3
EDU 335 Clinical Experience I 1
EDU 406 Classroom Management 3
EDU 435 Clinical Experience II 1
EDU 452 Student Teaching & Seminar in Elementary 12


Field Endorsement in Elementary Education K-8 (BA or BS: 41 hours)


ART 315 Art and Creative Process in Ed 2
EDU 110 Overview of Elementary Ed 1
EDU 216 Children's Literature 2
EDU 217 Diverse Family Systems 2
EDU 318 Professional Communication 3
EDU 320 Instructional Media and Technology 2
EDU 331 Develop of Physical Ed and Health in the Elem. School 3
EDU 332 Development of Language Arts Elem/Middle School 3
EDU 340 Early Reading 3
EDU 341 Intermediate Reading 3
EDU 423 Dev of Social Studies in the El / Mid Sch 3
EDU 430 Literacy Assessment 3
EDU 431 Development of Science in the El / Mid Sch 3
EDU 432 Development of Math in the El / Mid Sch 3
MUS 214 Music and Creative Process in Education 2
MAT 215 Math for Elementary Teachers II 3


Early Childhood (Subject Endorsement) 29 hours

This endorsement must be taken in conjunction with the Elementary K-8 Field Endorsement


EDU 217 Diverse Family Systems 2
EDU 303 Developmentally Appropriate Practices for the Young Child 3
FCS 120 Intro to Early Childhood Education 2
FCS 220 Infants and Toddlers 3
FCS 335 The Pre-School Age Child 3
FCS 412 Guiding the Young Child 3
FCS 325 Health & Safety for the Young Child 3
FCS 416 FCS Practicum 3
FCS 430 Org & Ad of ECE Programs 3
SPD 260 Char & Meth: Birth through Age 8 1

SPD 453

Early Childhood Consultation & Collaboration 3


Additional student teaching required for the Early Childhood subject endorsement:  EDU 450 (6 hours).

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