Minor or Endorsement to Coach (18) hours


This is a special endorsement available in addition to a field endorsement or two subject endorsements. A minor must inlcude a minimum of 12 hours unduplicated by the student's major(s).


PED 105 Anatomy & Physiology I (3)
PED 275 Prevent & Care of Athletic Injuries (3)
PED 304 Sport Physiology or
PED 305 Exercise Physiology (3)


Plus 3 of the following courses:


PED 311 Theory & Fund of Football Coach (3)
PED 312 Theory & Fund of Basketball Coach (3)
PED 313 Theory & Fund of Track Coaching (3)
PED 314 Theory & Fund of Wrestling Coach (3)
PED 315 Theory & Fund of Baseball Coach (3)
PED 316 Theory & Fund of Softball Coach (3)
PED 317 Theory & Fund of Volleyball Coach (3)

PED 318 Theory & Fund of Soccer Coach (3)


Any student not majoring in physical education may also be required, by state certification agencies, to take PED 341 Organization, Administration, and Curriculum Development of Secondary Health and Physical Ed. (3).

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