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WSC Scholarship Campaign

Your support will empower students, change their lives, and leave a legacy at Wayne State College.

Invest. Empower. Transform.

The Wayne State Foundation is leading a campaign to raise funds for scholarships, which play an important role in the success of our students.

Support this campaign and you will:

  • Invest in the future. Invest in the future by increasing the number of well-educated, forward-thinking Wayne State graduates.
  • Empower our students. Empower our students by providing them with the unique opportunity to build character, commit to their goals, and excel in their career, sport, and life.
  • Transform their lives. Transform lives by supporting students who value learning and are committed to reaching their educational goals.

Your support builds on a proud legacy of giving back to an institution that has served as a turning point in so many graduates' lives. An investment in Wayne State voices a powerful endorsement that a college degree is much more than just accumulated knowledge and technical expertise. A Wayne State College degree transforms lives, lifts families, and helps secure our future.

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Scholarship Campaign Goal

With a gift to the Wayne State Foundation, you can help us achieve our goal of $30 million.


Current status

$33,700,000 raised
112% Funded
$30,000,000 Goal exceeded!


Invest in the Future.

"As a first-generation college student, being awarded a scholarship has allowed me to really focus on my academics as opposed to worrying about how I am going to pay year to year. Attending WSC means that my family and I will have better futures, as the education WSC provides will lead to many more opportunities."

Jorge Adame, '20
Nebraska City, Neb.
Major: Accounting
2019 Student Senate President

Scholarships change lives.

More than 47% of Wayne State College students are first-generation students. Scholarships serve as a gateway to help them achieve a college degree. For many students, attending college isn't possible without financial help. There is a greater chance that students who apply will actually enroll in classes at Wayne State College if they receive a scholarship.


Students who enroll at WSC if they receive a scholarship.



Students who enroll at WSC if they do not receive a scholarship.

Scholarships impact the region.

81% of WSC students are from Nebraska, and most graduates stay to live and work in the state, supporting the economy and building community here in the region.  Learn how scholarships impact the region and help meet workforce demands.

Empower Our Students.

Make a difference for student-athletes.

Scholarships empower student-athletes to strive for success on and off the field. In competition, WSC student-athletes are given the opportunity to build character supporting their educational goals and sport.



Average GPA of WSC student-athletes


Perfect GPAs (2020-21 academic year)

With generous scholarships, Wayne State College is able to recruit top student-athletes from around the region. However, when comparing the amount of scholarship dollars awarded to student-athletes, we fall short to our conference and Division II competitors. By increasing our athletic scholarships, WSC will become more competitive across all sports.

Donate to Athletics

"Affordability and scholarships were a big reason why I chose Wayne State. Scholarships also were the reason I committed to participating in the WSC track and field program. Scholarships have allowed me to excel in both academics and athletics. I LOVE being an athlete for Wayne State. I have had a lot of success, which makes me excited to continue to compete and work hard."

Mikayla Marvin
O'Neill, Neb.
Major: Pre-Nursing
NSIC Conference Champion

Transform Lives.

"My business degree gave me the opportunity and passion to open my own business. I employed college student and learned they were great people, and, if given the same opportunity, could make a difference in people's lives. Scholarships will provide that opportunity while easing the financial burden for the students as well as their families."

Randy Pedersen '71
Wayne, Neb.
Campaign Co-Chair
Retired Business Owner, The Diamond Center

Give back.

If you've been impacted by Wayne State, we ask you to consider giving back.

  • For some of us Wayne State College is our alma mater, a place we once called home. It helped shape who we are today and set us on a path toward success.
  • For some of us, Wayne State College is our community resource. So many people in our region depend on the programs and outreach that help enrich our lives.
  • For some of us, Wayne State College is our business partner. We look to the school as a source of talent that will help us move forward in the marketplace.
  • For all of us, Wayne State College is a place that holds our confidence.

Please join us in supporting this remarkable institution. Your generosity is a tangible expression of the value you place on Wayne State College. Like us, you'll find that giving is a wonderful way to say, "Wayne State College touched my life."

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Hear from more alumni on why they give back.

“The positive effects of student scholarships help open the doors to the future. For some students, a scholarship means being able to attend courses when they thought a college education was financially out of reach. For others, a scholarshp means the chance to focus more time, effort, and attention on the intellectual pursuits of the program of study and less time on worrying or working to pay for the chance to learn and earn the degree. For yet other students, a scholarship is part of their motivation or a positive, reinforcing reminder that someone believes in them and their abilities. As faculty members interacting with students on a daily basis, we see these and many other benefits accruing to students that simply would not be there if the scholarships did not exist.”


Drs. Sharon and Tim Garvin

School of Business and Technology
Wayne State College

Ways to Give

There are many different options available when making a charitable gift:

  • Cash
  • Securities or appreciated stock
  • Life insurance
  • Real estate
  • Closely held securities
  • Retirement plan assets
  • Gifts-in-kind

Learn more about how to give through these means.


If you have any questions about donating to Wayne State College or about the scholarship campaign, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Wayne State Foundation or our campaign leaders.

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