Residence Halls - Specifics


What is Furnished?
Each room has a bed, desk and chair for each student, plus one dresser to be shared. Every hall, except Bowen, has a lavoratory/medicine cabinet in each room. All halls have multiple rest rooms/showers on each floor.


Air Conditioning: Bowen, Neihardt, and Pile halls provide air conditioning. The remaining residence halls do not have air conditioning. Installing an air conditioning unit in non air conditioned residence halls is prohibited. See Prohibited Items section of Residence Hall Regulations.


Room Types/Charges: There are several types of rooms available through on campus housing carrying different charges, standard, single, or premium.

  • Standard Charges apply to rooms that are designed for multiple occupants and have been assigned to meet the rooms capacity. These include standard double, triple and quad occupancy rooms.
  • Premium Charges apply to rooms that are designed for multiple occupants that have dropped below the rooms capacity. When this happens, the remaining resident or residents are given the option to buy-out the remaining space and keep these larger rooms as private accommodations. For example, one resident living in a standard double occupancy room electing to retain the room as a private would pay the premium room rate.
  • Single charges apply to rooms that are designed as single rooms and are only capable of holding a single occupant. These rooms by design are smaller than a standard double.

Current room rates are available through Student Financial Services here.


What Should Students Bring?
Specific items needed are towels, wash cloths, pillows, linens, (mattresses are 36" by 80"), blankets, and personal items. Television sets, stereos, radios, study lamps, and small appliances (popcorn poppers, coffee pots, hair dryers, electric irons, etc.) are allowed. Do not bring equipment that would require alterations in electrical hookups. Large appliances such as roasters, ovens, fry pans, that require heated oil or large console type entertainment units are not allowed. Only one refrigerator per room is allowed. A refrigerator rental service is available.


Refrigerators must be UL approved and cannot exceed 5 cubic feet or operate on more than 120 volts.


Because of possible structural and water damage, the use of water beds is not allowed.


As soon as room assignments are received, it is suggested that roommates contact each other to determine what each will bring to avoid unnecessary duplication.


State Fire Marshal Regulations:

  • There shall be NO cooking within the residence hall rooms. Popcorn poppers and coffee pots have been excluded from this equipment.
  • All carpeting, rugs, drapes and curtains shall be fire-rated or of a fire resistant material.
  • Nebraska Law requires the placement of a smoke alarm in each residence hall room. All smoke alarms are in working order when students check into their rooms. Wayne State College will repair or replace any faulty smoke alarm, but the occupants of each residence hall room are responsible for the alarms remaining in working order. Persons tampering with fire safety equipment are subject to disciplinary action (suspension for severe or repeated offenses), cost of replacing damaged alarms, and any fines assessed by the Nebraska State Fire Marshal. State law places this responsibility upon the room occupants.

Laundry Facilities
All residence halls are equipped with coin-operated automatic washers and dryers. Any malfunction of laundry equipment should be reported immediately to the hall reception desk. Students are to furnish their own irons, ironing boards, and laundry detergents. Students are not to dye fabrics in the washing machines.


Each student will be issued a room key when checking into the residence hall. BOWEN, TERRACE, MOREY, PILE, and NEIHARDT residents will also receive a mailbox key. All other residence halls have combination lock mailboxes. The replacement cost for a room key is $30.00 and for a mailbox key the cost is $1.00. The replacement will include the repining of the door lock and the issuance of new room keys. After a lock is repined, the original key will not open the door. Duplication of any college key is prohibited by state law. Students locked out of their room may ask a staff member to unlock the door. Residence hall main entrance keys, corridor keys, or wing keys must be kept secure because of their necessarily high replacement cost. Replacement of these keys will cost $100 per key.


Reception Desk
Each hall has a reception desk near the main entrance of the building. Reception desks are staffed and run by student workers. Residence hall desks are open, M-F 2:00pm to 2:00am, Sat - Sun noon - 1:00pm; 8:00pm - 2:00am. The main desk is responsible for issuing gaming equipment, vacuum check out, taking phone messages, facilitating guest registration, contacting the hall staff when needed, assisting students with questions and providing information to the general public.


Mail Service

Mail to the residence halls is picked up by authorized personnel only and distributed in the students' mailboxes in the hall (except large packages, registered, and certified). Any mail that requires a student's signature (certified mail, insured, delivery confirmation, etc.) needs to be signed for and picked up at the college mail room in Hahn Building room 104D. (Students who have mail to sign for will receive notice in their campus mailbox.) Any Fed Ex or UPS packages can be picked up at the Student Center room 201 (A white package notice will be sent to the student's campus mailbox.). Security of the mail is of great importance and every effort is made to handle mail carefully. Outgoing mail may be deposited in one of several mailboxes on campus.


The correct mailing address for your incoming mail is:

Student Name
Residence Hall Name, Room #
Wayne, NE 68787-1172




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