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Housing Contract

Contractual Agreement


Room rates and regulations are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges and the administration of Wayne State College.

Residency Requirement

Freshman students who have not lived in campus housing for one full academic year prior to the beginning of an academic term and who are under 20 years of age are required to live in a residence hall unless they are married, living with parents or legal guardians, or have received an official waiver of this regulation from the Office of Residence Life. Full time freshman who intend to live off campus must submit an Application for Residence Hall Waiver form for approval, in lieu of a housing application. The form is available through the Office of Residence Life. 

Terms and Conditions of Residence Hall Contract

1. I have been officially notified of my acceptance by the Office of Admissions of Wayne State College.

2. I agree to pay all room fees in accordance with the College fee payment policies and procedures. I also agree to reimburse the College for damages or losses to the residence hall or furnishings attributable to me. Failure to satisfy financial obligations may result in termination of this contract. I understand that should I look to terminate my housing after fee payment that I am not eligible for a refund for the remainder of the active term except as noted below.

3. I understand that applying for housing is a FULL academic year commitment and will be responsible for honoring this agreement for the duration of the contract. Prior to the start of the contract residential period, I agree and understand that I can receive 100% of my housing charges removed only under the following conditions: A) I have officially withdrawn from college or have been suspended; B) I give written notification of cancellation of contract to Residence Life by June 30, or if I am entering for a spring only term, 7 days prior to the beginning of the term start; C) This contract is terminated with the approval of the Director of Residence Life or Assistant Dean of Students. I understand charges will be placed on my account for any damages and/or charges I have created. Should I terminate my contract after the above dates but before I move in, I understand that I may be charged a cancellation penalty, per academic semester canceled, equal to 10% of the academic term room rate. If I move in at the start of the semester but move out on or before the final day of fee payment, I am subject to the cancellation penalty plus prorated charges for the dates I used my room and meal plan. I understand that in order to qualify for any form of refund for housing charges, I must completely check out of the hall and return all issued keys no later than 5:00pm on the final day of fee payment.

4. I agree to observe all rules and regulations of Wayne State College as stated in the College catalog, Wayne State College Student Handbook, as officially posted on residence hall bulletin boards, as posted on the Wayne State College Residence Life webpage, or as stated by a College official while serving in an official capacity.

5. I understand that this contract is for one full academic year and that I cannot be released from this contract or its accompanying financial obligations within a term except if: A) I have officially withdrawn or have been suspended for academic or disciplinary reasons; B) I have canceled this contract in person or in writing at the Office of Residence Life, checked out of the residence hall, and returned all issued keys on or before the last day of fall semester fee payment; C) this contract is terminated with the approval of the Director of Residence Life or the Assistant Dean of Students. D) I have a College related reason that requires me to break housing, i.e. student teaching, academic internship, study abroad program. When a student is released from the contract, the prorated refund of room fees will be computed to the day that the student moves out of the residence hall and returns all issued keys subsequent to termination of the contract. When a student is released from the contract due to disciplinary reasons, the student may be subject to fulfilling the financial obligations of the academic year contract or, at minimum, pay the 10% cancellation penalty. Students who cancel their housing after June 30 will be subject to paying the 10% cancellation penalty for each term canceled.

6. The College reserves the right to reassign students within and between residence halls and rooms as deemed necessary, and to immediately terminate the contract by written notice if the student fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions of the contract or, if in the judgment of Student Services staff, continued residence would have a seriously negative effect on the student and/or fellow residents, or if a student does not show 'active academic participation' within the College community as defined in the Residence Life policies.

7. This contract is valid only if residence hall space is available. Applicants are encouraged to submit all application materials and remit fees promptly to enhance the opportunity to secure desired accommodations. The Office of Residence Life will attempt to recognize mutual roommate preferences. Applicants specifying roommate preferences will not be considered for hall assignments until applications and fees have been submitted for both students.

8. Premium room accommodations may be available at a charge in addition to the standard room rate. Premium rooms include designed double rooms as privates, two people in a triple occupancy room, or three people in a quad occupancy room. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to assign a student who has contracted for a premium double to a standard double room accommodation if space limitations require such action.

9. I understand that a Room Utilization Policy approved by the Office of Residence Life may require me to accept a roommate or to pay premium room charges. A full statement of this policy is included in the Student Handbook, and available at Residence Hall Policies/Guidelines.

10. The College reserves the right to inspect residence hall rooms under certain circumstances. The room may be entered without permission in case of emergency, officially announced inspections, for the upkeep of physical facilities, or if there is reason to believe that a law or College regulation is being violated. In all other circumstances, entry will be made only with the permission of the student.

11. As a condition of living in the College dorms/campus housing, I understand and agree that all property and possessions contained in my dorm/campus housing are subject to College searches and inspections for "health and safety" considerations as well as "institutional-purpose searches" which include monitoring and enforcement of drug, alcohol and weapons policies.  I consent to such searches and inspections and I agree to unlock any safe, lock box, locked cabinet etc. for purposes of allowing College personnel to conduct such searches. Failure to unlock and provide access into a safe, lock box, locked cabinet etc. will be grounds for the container to be confiscated and removed from the College premises.

12. The College accepts no liability for theft or loss of money, valuables, and personal property and no liability for damages to personal property due to water, fire, smoke, or natural disaster.

13. Subleasing of a residence hall space from a contracted student to a non-contracted student or any other person is not permitted and is cause for immediate contract cancellation and disciplinary procedures. 

14. Residence hall rooms must be vacated during official college vacation periods for the safety of the student. They include Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Mid-term Break. Halls will re-open at times publicized by residence hall staff members. Permission to stay during the break period is granted only to those students with a Wayne State College related reason or individuals who, at Residence Life's discretion, qualify as an extraordinary situation. Semester room charges do not include break periods, so additional charges for break housing will apply.

15. All applicants are required to pay a $50 non-refundable application fee. This application fee will apply to future contracts provided that the student continues their stay in the residence hall for consecutive terms (excluding summer). Should a student leave the residence halls and apply to return after the start of a new term, the student is required to pay a new non-refundable application fee.

16. The College reserves the right to assign students to overflow housing where the occupancy is increased above standard capacity.  All applicants assigned to any form of overflow occupancy understand that such assignment is considered temporary and will be required to move to a permanent assignment when available.  Applicants agree to the overflow/wait-list guidelines published in the Rules & Regulations: Occupancy and Assignments section of the Residence Life website.

17. All applicants are required to be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours in order to be eligible for on campus housing.  Any applicant assigned to housing must be registered for classes by August 1 and remain enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours.  Applicants with an assignment who are not enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours on or after August 1 will have their housing assignment cancelled and be subject to the 10% cancellation penalty.  The only exception to this will be students who officially withdraw from College.

18. A student must be at least seventeen (17) years of age to reside in College housing at the point the residency period begins.  Students who are under the age of 17 at the start of the residency period will have their application cancelled.

19. Students with 75 earned credit hours or above after the completion of the Fall 2015 Term are not eligible for housing for the 2016-17 Academic Year.  Students can seek approval for a special exemption from this policy through the Office of Residence Life.  Students who apply for housing with 75 earned credit hours or above, who have not gotten prior approval, will have their application cancelled.

20. By accepting these Terms and Conditions online I understand that this constitutes a legal contract. I assume responsibility for payment at the rates established by the College and agree to these Terms and Conditions of the Residence Hall Contract.

Food Service Information

All students living in the residence halls must participate in the food service program of the College. Students who believe that individual circumstances warrant an exemption to this requirement should contact the Office of Residence Life. Cooking is not allowed in the residence hall rooms due to health and fire regulations. Food service is not available during official college vacation periods (Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Mid-term Break).

Room Assignment Information

The Office of Residence Life will attempt to recognize mutual roommate preferences. Applicants specifying roommate preferences will not be considered for hall assignments until applications and fees have been submitted for both students. Due to the high demand for accommodations, it may not be possible to grant each request. Therefore, room contract requests will be considered by date of receipt with room assignment priority given to students who have lived on campus during the preceding academic year. Those who have a disability requiring an assignment accommodation should indicate during the completion of the housing application process. Consistent with Wayne State College's commitment to non-discrimination, roommate assignments and changes cannot be made with regard to race, color, age, ability, veteran status, national origin, religious affiliation, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Rate and Payment Information

Residence hall rates are set for each academic year by the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges. The rates are available online at, Cost of Attendance: Housing Rates. College payment procedures are fully explained in the official catalog. Because of printing deadline requirements, no reference is made to room and board rates. All fee payments should be made to Student Financial Services. No payments should be made to the Office of Residence Life.

Room Furnishings

Each double residence hall room is equipped with two beds, one chest of drawers or wardrobe, two desks, and two desk chairs. All residence halls except Bowen have lavatory sinks in rooms. All students are responsible for their own towels and bedding. Students are to provide their own desk lamps. All residence halls are wired for computer network service and campus cable TV. These services are included in the room charge; students must provide their own equipment.

Consistent with Nebraska State College System (NSCS) Board Policy 3001, The Office of Residence Life may deny housing requests and/or student employment if an unreasonable risk to the safety, welfare and property of the campus and persons is found to exist. The Office of Residence Life also reserves the right to deny an application from a former residence hall student who was evicted, caused physical damage to the facility, or violated other contract terms during previous residence hall occupancy. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to terminate this contract and request a student to vacate their housing on an interim or permanent basis should an active resident pose an imminent and/or continuous threat to the campus community or facility. In cases where a resident's behavior was negligent, the resident will be responsible for the remainder of the housing costs for the term in which they were removed.

Download and print a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your records. 

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Residence Hall Contract Terms and Conditions listed above and understand that these terms and conditions shall be considered incorporated by reference in this agreement, and hereby agree to rent for the term indicated in this agreement. If I am under the age of 19, I acknowledge this serves as a joint agreement between myself and my parent/legal guardian of the terms and conditions mentioned above for my application for housing at Wayne State College.