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Recreation Center


Wayne State recreation facilities were designed with the primary purpose of improving the quality of educational and developmental activities available to the students of Wayne State. Scheduled college activities will have priority, and during certain time periods may restrict usage of the facility.

Posted rules and verbal instructions issued by supervisory personnel will be strictly followed.

All children and students through eighth grade must have adult supervision. Students are considered to be in the eighth grade until Sept. 1 of their ninth grade year. Adult supervisors must be at least 18 years old.

Student/Employee I.D. Cards or Recreation Center membership cards will be required for admittance. Individuals must present their card to the attendant at the lower entrance to the Rec Center arena, the swimming pool, and the weight room.

Dunking is allowed on the baskets; hanging or forcing the rim downward on a dunk is not allowed.

All persons using the facilities do so at their own risk.

Wayne State College is not responsible for lost or stolen items brought into the Recreation Center, nor for injuries incurred in the facility.

Facilities can only be used when scheduled and supervised by authorized Rec Center personnel.

Lockers are available on a daily basis. Wayne State is not responsible for personal property lost or stolen; therefore, it is recommended that you furnish your own lock.

Anyone may be removed from the building for inappropriate behavior.

Only personal sound systems with earphones are permitted.

Soft-soled, non-marking shoes are required when using the Rec Center.

The following items are not allowed in the Rec Center: bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, hoverboards, animals, stereo systems, alcoholic beverages, and any form of tobacco. Food and drinks are restricted to the lounge upstairs.