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Personal hygiene is one of the basic daily health tips for kids and adults as well. Simple habits like washing hands before eating, keeping your body clean by bathing twice a day is something you need to teach your children at an early age. However busy you might be, but you can definitely find some time for this. Also, do not touch your hands to your face or hair as these carry a lot of germs which might lead to damaged hair or infection of facial skin. Never put your fingers in your eyes for the same reason. Oral hygiene is equally important to maintain dental health. Read more on personal hygiene tips.



Exercising is one of the most important daily health tips. This will ensure a healthy and strong body. Exercising can help keep most of the health problems at bay, hence, make sure you find some time for it daily. You can indulge in cardiovascular exercises or strength building exercise to stay fit. Maintaining healthy body weight suitable for your height, is one of the essential things you need to remember. This will reduce many muscular problems. One of the daily health tips for women is, that they must opt for mediation techniques that will help them stay relaxed and healthy.


Eat Healthy

Eating healthy food is one of the prime factors of a good health. You can stay healthy only if you opt for healthy diet. Go for nutritious foods and completely avoid junk food. Stay away from alcohol, aerated drinks, caffeine and smoking. Drink lot of water throughout the day. You can have fresh fruit juices and other healthy drinks instead of aerated drinks. Have healthy snacks instead of junk food in-between your meals. Also, have 4-6 small meals everyday. Do not starve yourself, whenever you eat or drink something, make sure that it is good for your health.


Body Posture

Body posture can seem to be a minor thing, but it plays an important role in keeping you fit. Basically, a wrong posture can lead to problems like shoulder, neck, back or lower back pain. It is best to take care before it develops into a major problem. Make sure you maintain correct posture, stand upright, sit upright, do not walk with drooping shoulders. It is also essential that you maintain right body posture while sleeping. Read more on how to improve posture.



Taking enough sleep is a must to stay fit. Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue. It can lead to decreased interest in working or studies. It can lead to constant yawing, poor concentration, poor memory and mood changes. Remember that it also leads to reduced work efficiency. Proper sleep is essential to stay away from tensions and stress. Sleeping well will help your body and mind relax from the hectic schedule. Read more on tips for better sleep.















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Taking enough sleep is a must to stay fit. Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue. It can lead to decreased interest in working or studies... more



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