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Wayne State College Announces Spring 2008 Graduates

[updated 4-23-2008]


The following list contains the names of Wayne State College’s spring 2008 graduates. Graduate degrees are listed first, sorted by type of degree ( MBA, MS, MSE, and Education Specialist). Graduates are listed in alphabetical order under the hometown they provided to Wayne State College. All graduates’ majors and concentrations follow their names. Minors appear in italics. The undergraduate list is arranged by type of degree then sorted by hometown. Students graduating with scholarship honors and other honors are listed at the end of this list. The symbol ++ after a name denotes August 2008 degree candidate.




COLUMBUS : Kirk Alan Nelson++, Business Administration; Jenny Sue Busselman Hoefer, Business Administration

EMERSON: Corliss Ann Sharp Hassler++, Business Administration

NORFOLK : Melissa Lee Forslund Nemec++, Business Administration; Jeremy Joseph Rasmussen, Business Administration

RANDOLPH : Candace Kay Timmerman, Business Administration

WAKEFIELD : Stacey Christine Langemeier Kai, Business Administration

WAYNE : Brett Alan Wiedenfeld, Business Administration

WISNER: Dale Peter Hansen, Business Administration


SIOUX CITY , IA : Alicia Lynn Brown, Business Administration




WAYNE : Jesse Jay Johnson, Organizational Management/Sport & Recreation Management; Joshua Matthew Whisman, Organizational Management/Sport & Recreation Management


ROLLING MEADOWS, IL: Patrick William Monaghan, Organizational Management/Sport & Recreation


GABORONE , BOTSWANA : Raj Reuben Rathedi, Organizational Management/Sport & Recreation



Counselor Education/School and Community Counseling


ATKINSON: Rebecca Ann Dolphin, School Counseling K-6 & 7-12

NORFOLK : Sara M. Born Fegley++, Counselor Education-Community Counseling; Shirley Marie Kriesch++, Counselor Education-Community Counseling; Andrea Jo Kropf, Counselor Education-Community Counseling; Andrea Lynn Kucera, Counselor Education-Community Counseling; Anne Rachelle Willis Tucker, School Counseling K-6

WAYNE : Shannon Jean Holdorf Gibson++, School Counseling K-6 & 7-12; Sara Ann Kliewer++, Counselor Education-Community Counseling

WEST POINT: Keri Ann Roberts, School Counseling K-6 & 7-12


Curriculum & Instruction


ALLEN: David R. Uldrich++, Curriculum & Instruction

BATTLE CREEK: Teresa Marie Lehr Christensen++, Curriculum & Instruction; Allison Jodi Fick Suckstorf, Curriculum & Instruction

BELLEVUE : Laura Marie Vanecek Moore++, Curriculum & Instruction; Beth Anne Arnold Prusha, Curriculum & Instruction

BLAIR: Lea Marie Taylor Contreras, Curriculum & Instruction; Kevin Daniel Kraus, Curriculum & Instruction; Sarah Elizabeth Rogers Smith, Curriculum & Instruction; Shanon LeAnn Willmott, Curriculum & Instruction

BLOOMFIELD : Jaime Lynn Guenther, Curriculum & Instruction

CLARKSON: Jenny J. Beeson Hamernik, Curriculum & Instruction

COLUMBUS: Barbara Cheryl Ann Ferguson, Curriculum & Instruction; Christine Lynn Grutsch++, Curriculum & Instruction; Jody Ann Herley Helms++, Curriculum & Instruction; Mitchell A. Helms++, Curriculum & Instruction; Marilyn Jeanne Havekost Lamb, Curriculum & Instruction; Monette Y. Korte Osten, Curriculum & Instruction; Jane Roberts Saathoff, Curriculum & Instruction; Cherie Lynn Stadler, Curriculum & Instruction; Tricia Marie Preister Wemhoff, Curriculum & Instruction; Pamela Lynn Robison Williams++, Curriculum & Instruction-English as a Second Language

CRESTON: Kristi Dawn Blessen Settje, Curriculum & Instruction

CROFTON: Mark Stevens Pier, Curriculum & Instruction; Roxann Ruth Pier, Curriculum & Instruction

DAVID CITY : Bobbi Jae Stara Schmid, Curriculum & Instruction

ELGIN : Krista Marie Richardson Eisenhauer, Curriculum & Instruction

ELKHORN: Barbara A. Heesacker Kruid, Curriculum & Instruction; Betsy Sue Larson, Curriculum & Instruction-Early Childhood Education; Tessa Marie Pribnow, Curriculum & Instruction; Erin Marie Boeckenhauer Schaapveld++, Curriculum & Instruction

EMERSON: William Dale Trenhaile, Curriculum & Instruction

EWING : Janice Lucerne Cheatum Miller, Curriculum & Instruction

FREMONT: Jennifer Marie Boettcher Bell, Curriculum & Instruction; Luke Evan Grenier, Curriculum & Instruction; Kelly Marie Porupsky McMeekin, Curriculum & Instruction; ; Molly Irene Muir, Curriculum & Instruction; Diane Marie Schieffer, Curriculum & Instruction; Tabitha Jo Raasch Sheets, Curriculum & Instruction

FULLERTON : Jennifer Sue Small Dubas, Curriculum & Instruction

GERING: Jeane Nedine Suhr, Curriculum & Instruction-English as a Second Language

HARTINGTON: Rebecca Kay Albers Jones, Curriculum & Instruction; Susan Debra Kleinschmit Nieman, Curriculum & Instruction; Jayne Lynn Hoffart Steffen, Curriculum & Instruction

HOMER: Kathy M. Tobin Foreman, Curriculum & Instruction

HUMPHREY: Troy Robert Mach, Curriculum & Instruction; Lorraine Rose McIntyre Paprocki, Curriculum & Instruction

KENNARD: Katie L. Therkelsen Stratman, Curriculum & Instruction

LEIGH: Diane Lynn Cattau, Curriculum & Instruction

MADISON : LeAnn Kay Frauendorfer, Curriculum & Instruction

MEADOW GROVE: Paula Sue Taake Howard, Curriculum & Instruction; Shanna Rose Schaecher Lammers, Curriculum & Instruction

NELIGH: BethAnn Suckstorf, Curriculum & Instruction

NEWMAN GROVE: Megan A. Meyer, Curriculum & Instruction

NIOBRARA : Kristi Lee Holzer, Curriculum & Instruction; James Joseph Parks, Curriculum & Instruction; Jill Arlene Metzler Swanson, Curriculum & Instruction

NORFOLK: Austin A. Brown, Curriculum & Instruction; Cassandra Marie Christensen, Curriculum & Instruction; Deborah Dee Vanness Ehrlich, Curriculum & Instruction-Business Education; Janice L. Johnson, Curriculum & Instruction; Lisa Margaret Jones, Curriculum & Instruction; Curt Robb Lammers, Curriculum & Instruction; Thomas Jason McKie, Curriculum & Instruction; Cindy Sue Effle Mills, Curriculum & Instruction; Diane Elizabeth Bowman Peterson, Curriculum & Instruction; Nancy Lee Currie Weber, Curriculum & Instruction

NORTH BEND : Lynette C. Snover Elofson++, Curriculum & Instruction; Corrine Kristine Sperl Mueller, Curriculum & Instruction

OMAHA: Jon R. Allemang, Curriculum & Instruction; Amina Fatema Bassia, Curriculum & Instruction; Mandy Lynn Bassinger Bell, Curriculum & Instruction; Jody Lynn Blessen, Curriculum & Instruction; Nichole Jocelyn Rieger Boyes, Curriculum & Instruction; Tara Renae Camp, Curriculum & Instruction; Erica Rae McNeese Connell, Curriculum & Instruction; Christine Ann Meidlinger Goetzinger, Curriculum & Instruction; Rachel Leigh Papenhausen Hanson, Curriculum & Instruction; Jennifer Lea Hardy, Curriculum & Instruction; Sheli Rene Hummel Hensley, Curriculum & Instruction; Lindsey Lee Bailey Heppner, Curriculum & Instruction; Sara Beth Hazen Hoefer, Curriculum & Instruction; Sarah Anne Kahm, Curriculum & Instruction; Terri Sue Strong Kleinschmit, Curriculum & Instruction; Lisa Jean Lange Olnes, Curriculum & Instruction; Crystal Robin Holbrook Peterson, Curriculum & Instruction; Julie Kay Sass, Curriculum & Instruction; Robbyn A.C. Wright Schultz, Curriculum & Instruction, Sarah Anne Vinton Smith++, Curriculum & Instruction; Megan Noelle White, Curriculum & Instruction

PAPILLION: Kristie Marie Hawn, Curriculum & Instruction; Jonathon Cory Thompson, Curriculum & Instruction

PILGER: Alison Marie Palmer Kluthe, Curriculum & Instruction

PLAINVIEW : Maureen Kay Christoffersen Hamm, Curriculum & Instruction; Chad Wayne Kment, Curriculum & Instruction

PLATTSMOUTH: Rhonda Rhea Buethe Heim, Curriculum & Instruction; Karelene Marie Forman Wehrbein, Curriculum & Instruction

PONCA: Kylee Nicole Kephart++, Curriculum & Instruction

SOUTH SIOUX CITY: Angela Lieh Loock, Curriculum & Instruction; Erin Lynnette Nelson, Curriculum & Instruction; Carrie Lynn Snow Rice++, Curriculum & Instruction; Carolyn Faye Walters Sponder, Curriculum & Instruction; Travis Kelly Thompson++, Curriculum & Instruction ;

STANTON : Patric Damon Brechbill++, Curriculum & Instruction

TEKAMAH: Pamela Sue Peters O’Mara, Curriculum & Instruction;

TILDEN: Sarah Jo Scott Black, Curriculum & Instruction; James William Nykodym, Curriculum & Instruction

VALLEY: Danielle R. Cassell, Curriculum & Instruction; Elizabeth Ann Grimm, Curriculum & Instruction; Janelle Lynn Sager, Curriculum & Instruction

WAHOO: Steven Virgil Shannon, Curriculum & Instruction ;

WAKEFIELD : Cynthia Jane Torczon Black, Curriculum & Instruction-English Education; Debra K. Lundgren Snyder, Curriculum & Instruction

WALTHILL: Diann Kay Jelinek Wolfe, Curriculum & Instruction

WAUSA: Latishi Marie Thomas Hennings, Curriculum & Instruction

WAYNE: Erika Sue Nelson Fink++, Curriculum & Instruction; Daniel James Kruse, Curriculum & Instruction-English Education; Roger Wright Mancastroppa, Curriculum & Instruction-Social Sciences; Ann M. McGowan Milliken, Curriculum & Instruction-English Education;

WEST POINT: Bridget Marie Benes Dobesh, Curriculum & Instruction; Jennifer Marie Brand McCarthy, Curriculum & Instruction; Robert Kent Peacock, Curriculum & Instruction; Alyssa Hope VonEssen Schuetze, Curriculum & Instruction

WISNER: Bonnie Lou Knievel Styskal++, Curriculum & Instruction; Marlene Cheryl Storms Grenier++, Curriculum & Instruction



AKRON , IA : Kimberly Lynne Muschik-Burrack, Curriculum & Instruction

LAWTON , IA : Beth Ann Bellinghausen, Curriculum & Instruction

MERRILL: Ryan Kenneth Vondrak++, Curriculum & Instruction

MILFORD , IA : Jennifer Elaine Purdy Bouse, Curriculum & Instruction

MOVILLE , IA : Tammy Sue Klingensmith, Curriculum & Instruction

SERGEANT BLUFF, IA: MaryAnne Hovland++, Curriculum & Instruction; Lesta Denise Miltenberger, Curriculum & Instruction Karen L. Biddle Royalty, Curriculum & Instruction; Shelly Ann McQuade Sadler, Curriculum & Instruction; Lori Jean Crosmer Schlotfeldt, Curriculum & Instruction; Jule Ann Jensen Vickery, Curriculum & Instruction; Diatra Eileen Woodford, Curriculum & Instruction

SIOUX CITY, IA: Kristin Marie Anderson, Curriculum & Instruction; Nicole Marie McGrain Barragan, Curriculum & Instruction; Virginia Gale Connor Basarich, Curriculum & Instruction; Julie Anne Bouse Betz, Curriculum & Instruction; Janet Lynn Myers Coon, Curriculum & Instruction; Bridgett Marie Craig, Curriculum & Instruction; Stacy LeAnn Petersen Delperdang, Curriculum & Instruction; Michelle Lee Hahn, Curriculum & Instruction; Alison Marie Zeman Jacobson, Curriculum & Instruction; Teresa Sue Schneiderman March, Curriculum & Instruction; Lisa Marie Rosenquist Myers, Curriculum & Instruction; Marta Lynnette Ralston Nelson, Curriculum & Instruction; Debra Ann Parrott, Curriculum & Instruction; Loyla Lee Miller Renfeld, Curriculum & Instruction; Reann Leigh Richtermeier, Curriculum & Instruction; Calvin Mead Rollmann, Curriculum & Instruction; Charles H. Shanafelt++, Curriculum & Instruction; Allison Brooke Waggoner Taylor, Curriculum & Instruction; Debra Leigh Cline Van Peursem, Curriculum & Instruction; Trisha Lynn Nieuwsma Vonk, Curriculum & Instruction

SLOAN , IA : Lori M. Udell Kounkel, Curriculum & Instruction



KANSAS CITY , MO : Brianne McElroy Bishop Tysdahl, Curriculum & Instruction



JEFFERSON , SD : Craig E. Kelly, Curriculum & Instruction; Patrice Lucille Sohl Niewohner, Curriculum & Instruction

McCOOK LAKE , SD : Amy Christine Leach Cole, Curriculum & Instruction


Physical Education


WAYNE : Michael Douglas Schlickbernd, Physical Education-Sport Management; Micah Chauncey Watkins, Physical Education-Exercise Science


REMSEN, IA: Reggie Joseph Miller, Physical Education-Exercise Science


School Administration


CRAIG: Shara D. Johnson, School Administration 7-12

FREMONT : Brian William Fleischman, School Administration 7-12

HOOPER: Brandon James Moore, School Administration P-8

NORFOLK : Mark Alan Koch, School Administration 7-12
RANDOLPH: Robert John Engel, School Administration 7-12

WAKEFIELD : Charles William Curnyn, School Administration 7-12

WAYNE : Dustin Colt Foutch, School Administration 7-12

SIOUX CITY, IA: Robert Charles Barry, School Administration P-8; Kimberly Ann Mills, School Administration P-8


Special Education


LYONS : Shannon Lee Donner Burgett, Special Education-Instructional Manager

WEST POINT: Peggy Lynn Cooper, Special Education-Special Educator




ARLINGTON : Lynn Marie Krolikowski Johnson, School Administration-Educational Leadership

AURORA : Michael Dean Derr, School Administration-Educational Leadership

BLAIR: Rex William Pfeil++, School Administration-Educational Leadership

GRETNA : Gregory Allan Shepard, School Administration-Educational Leadership

LaVISTA: Gerald A. Kalina++, School Administration-Educational Leadership

OMAHA : Anita L. Lee++, School Administration-Educational Leadership

PAPILLION: Ryan Robert Sis++, School Administration-Educational Leadership

PENDER: Kelly J. Bartling-Ballinger, School Administration-Educational Leadership

SIDNEY : Andrew Michael Lenzen++, School Administration-Educational Leadership

UTICA : Ryan Christopher Ruhl, School Administration-Educational Leadership

WAYNE : Daniel Robert Fehringer, School Administration-Educational Leadership


NEWELL , IA : Jeff L. Dicks, School Administration-Educational Leadership




COLUMBUS : Lynn M. Weeder Miller, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations, Spanish

FREMONT : Janae Marie Rise, Life Sciences/Biology

LINCOLN : Megan Elizabeth Murphy, Speech Communication/Corporate, Community, Public Relations, Public Administration

PIERCE: Nathan Charles Micek++, Music/Music Merchandising

SCHUYLER: Fannye Aguirre++, Human Service Counseling

SOUTH SIOUX CITY : Kelsey B. Koch, English Education, Spanish Education

WAYNE : Ronald Dean Vick, Jr. ++, Business/Management, French




ALBION: Tanya Michelle Lough, Psychology, Criminal Justice ; Savannah Marie Seamann, Elementary Education

ATKINSON: Jeffrey James Hagan, Chemistry/Health Sciences; Amy Michelle Holtgrew, Industrial Technology/Construction Management; Johnel M. Reber, Exercise Science; Ashley Rose Schaaf, Early Childhood; Jennifer Lynn Schaaf++, Human Service Counseling, Criminal Justice; Adam J. Skrdla, Industrial Technology Education

ATLANTA : Cody Lee Spiegel, Art

BANCROFT: Lindsey Lee Burhoop++, Psychology, Criminal Justice ; Denise Amanda Kraft, Psychology, Sociology

BASSETT: Thomas Franklin Jilg, Social Sciences, Coaching

BATTLE CREEK: Rhonda Renee Oestreich++, Human Service Counseling, Criminal Justice ; Nicole Renee Severy, Elementary Education; Bryan Vyhlidal, Sport Management, Business

BEEMER: Thomas Allen Schultz, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

BELLWOOD : Abbi Marie Frey, Psychology, Sociology

BLAIR: Katie Ann Burns++, Human Service Counseling; Bailey Lynn Miller++, Business/Management; Emily Rose Petersen, Family & Consumer Sciences/Fashion Merchandising; Morgan Marie Warrick, English Education

BLOOMFIELD: Alex R. Cook, Business/Management, Management Information Systems; Brandi E. Jensen, Family & Consumer Sciences/Fashion Merchandising, Human Resource Management ; Joshua Joseph Kammer, Business/Agri-Business ; Becky Ann Schainost++, Chemistry/Health Sciences

BRAINARD: Matthew James Pernicek, Geography Education, History Education; Joel Douglas Vrbka++, Technology/Construction Occupations, Business, Safety

BROKEN BOW: Johnna Rathje++, Sport Management, Business Marketing, Exercise Science

BRUNSWICK : Halie Jo Hughes, Human Service Counseling, Psychology

CENTRAL CITY: Lacey Ann Jensen, Criminal Justice/Corrections, Anthropology

CLARKSON: Tiffany Michelle Mann, Elementary Education, Special Education/MMH K-12; Alicia Ann Steffensmeier, Business/Finance

CLEARWATER : Kent Lawrence Carpenter, Sport Management, Coaching; Kristina Marie Nolze, Language Arts Education

COLUMBUS: Brenda J. Bryant Adams, Special Education/MMH K-12; Melissa Sue Channer, Business/Finance; Canice Ann Coan, Chemistry/Health Sciences; Rachelle Marie Divis, Business/Management, Marketing, Public Administration; Alison Ruth Wilcox Jensen, Elementary Education; Rebecca Lynn DeOss Kinnison, Life Sciences/Health Sciences; Jillian LouDora Kinzer, Health & Physical Education K-12; Cade Matthew Preister, Business/Accounting, Finance; Tammy Kaye Svatora, Elementary Education, Special Education/MMH K-12; Ashley Faye Vollbracht++, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

CREIGHTON: Miranda Lea Hornback, Elementary Education; Brian Phillip Jundt, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Biology; Alison Renee Naprstek, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education

CRESTON: Danielle Marie Bradley, Chemistry/Chemical Sciences

CROFTON: Rita Mary Guenther, Business/Accounting, Finance; James Steven Meyers, Health & Physical Education K-12; Michael Harrison Nohr++, Art/Graphic Design, Art/Advanced Studio

DAVID CITY : Megan Lee DeWispelare, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education

DODGE: Stephanie Rae Creek, Psychology, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement; Jennifer Lou Paulsen, Life Sciences/Biology, Chemistry; Lynn Elizabeth Spenner, Business/Office Administration

DONIPHAN: Kensie Lee Lyon, Criminal Justice/Corrections, Sociology

ELGIN : Kimberly Danielle Reich, Applied Human & Sport Physiology, Biology; Jesse B. Schindler, Health & Physical Education K-12

EMERSON: Katie Lynn Fillipi++, Human Service Counseling; Jennifer Renee Oetken, Family & Consumer Sciences, Family Life Studies

EMMET: Joyce Susan Kloppenborg Miller, Business/Advisor Approved

FORT CALHOUN : Andrea Marie Husk, Criminal Justice/Corrections, Law Enforcement; Sarah Elizabeth Tinkham, Business/Advertising, Speech Communication

FREMONT : Andrew D. Brei, Health & Physical Education K-12; Kiley Ann Callaway++, Psychology, Biology; Michaela Ann Hegarty, Exercise Science, Coaching; Stephanie M. Kreikemeier, Business/Management, Speech Communication

FULLTERTON: Jenny Lynn Zmek++, Life Sciences/Respiratory Therapy

GENEVA : Diane Gale Bergstraesser Kremer, Middle Level Education

GENOA : Renae L. Shanle, Business/Office Administration

GORDON: John Matthew DuBray III, Business/Management; Conor Sloan McCarthy, Business/Management, Coaching

GRAND ISLAND : David Aaron White, Elementary Education

HARRISON : Stephen M. Elliott, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems

HARTINGTON: Jason Charles Folkers, Health & Physical Education K-12; Tracy Marie Lammers, Life Sciences/Biology

HASTINGS : Kayla Marie Boner, English Writing, Editing & Publishing

HEBRON : Tara Lynn Orvis, Life Sciences/Health Sciences; Jonathan Eugene Rauner, Business/Management, Human Resource Management; Andrew Lee Wiedel, Chemistry/Chemical Sciences

HOMER: Brook Nicole Loux, History Education, Geography Education

HOSKINS: Stacey Lynn Gnirk, Business/Finance, Agri-Business

HOWELLS: Amy Sue Cech, Business/Human Resource Management, Speech Communication ; Stacy Marie Vollmer Ebel, Chemistry/Health Sciences; Carrie Jean Renner, Music/Vocal & Instrumental K-12 Education

HUMPHREY: Kristin Marie Fittje++, Human Service Counseling, Criminal Justice; Melissa Ann Hemmer, Business/Finance, Management ; Jacob Peter Noonan, Business/Economics ; Marie Ann Ternus, Business/Accounting ; Elisha Sue Wegener, Business/Marketing

ITHACA : Nicole Leigh Simon, Mass Communications/Broadcast Communication

KEARNEY : Danielle L. Freburg-Hoffmeister, Life Sciences/Health Sciences; Paula Marie Jeannette Weddel++, Human Service Counseling, Art

LAUREL: Kamal A. Birth, Speech Communication/Communication Studies, Pre-Law; Adam H. Donner, Interdisciplinary Studies/Art Design; Julia Cathryn Fritz, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Psychology, Emergency Management; Marcus Angelo Manganaro, Business/Marketing, Sport Management; Ashlen Marie Morten, Business/Management; Stephanie Kay Rath, Business/Human Resource Management, Management; Brandi Ann Hudson Roeder, Life Sciences/Biology, Chemistry; Emily A. Schroeder, Art/Graphic Design; Laura Mae Troyer, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education

LINCOLN : Laura Rae Buresh++, Human Service Counseling, Criminal Justice/Corrections; Shawn Gerald Hellwege++,Computer Information Systems/Applied E-Commerce, Business; Stacilyn Michelle Geidner Nauman++,Human Service Counseling; Brent Lee Newland++,Exercise Science, Industrial Technology

LINDSAY: Amanda Marie Gasper, Life Sciences/Health Sciences

McCOOL JUNCTION: Leann Marie Bolte, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Life Sciences/Biology, Coaching

MILFORD : Erik Thomas Oliva, Computer Information Systems/Programmer-Analyst, Networking, Business; Casey M. Schroeder, Mass Communication/Journalism, Art, Coaching

NAPER: Heidi Vogt, Business/Accounting

NELIGH: MeLinda Pat Arkfeld, Elementary Education; Jessica Rachelle Helgren++, Mass Communication/Journalism, Sport Management

NELSON: Anthony B. Gerard II, Mass Communication/Broadcast Communication

NEWCASTLE: Jessica Lynn Pfister Gotch, Criminal Justice/Corrections; Loretta Kay Grosvenor Harding, Business Education; Adam Dean Lamprecht, Business/Accounting; Brent Richard Pearson, Industrial Technology/Planning & Design, Construction Management; Leah Marie Maskell Wiedenfeld, Social Sciences

NEWPORT : Elizabeth A. Kaup, Business/Finance, Computer Information Systems

NIOBRARA : Camie Jo Marie Kalkowski++, Exercise Science; Nicholas Alan Kemnitz, Industrial Technology/Safety Management

NORFOLK: Julie Lynn Olson Adams, Business/Human Resource Management; Spencer Alan Alewel, Mathematics/Theoretical Mathematics; Rena S. Wilde Alonso++, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement; Aaron R. Behlers, Business/Economics, Management; Jordan Bergland, Computer Science; Kathleen Ann Hilger Brestel++, Interdisciplinary Studies/Educational Studies; Elisabeth Ann DeLancey, Criminal Justice/Corrections; Angela Michelle Eppolito, Chemistry/Chemical Sciences, Biology; Shane Dallas Gansebom, Life Sciences/Biology; Sara Marie Kaiser, Family & Consumer Sciences/Interior Design, Exercise Science; Thiry Kern, Business/Public Accounting; Gary E. Knight, Business/Management; Eric James Marshall, Social Sciences; Nicole Marie Mielke++, Business/Public Accounting; Judy A. Mischke, Business/Management; Kalli Leigh Beed Nygren, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Psychology; Eric J. Pribnow, Life Sciences/Biology; Meagan Renee Priebe, Elementary Education; Jonathan Gregory Putjenter, Business/Management; Heather K. Richter Quaid, Elementary Education; Nestor A. Rodriguez++, Computer Information Systems/Networking; Renee A. Karsky Rucker, Middle Level Education; Amy Lynn Schleppenbach++, Political Science, Public Administration; Adam Daniel Skalberg, Sport Management; Matthew M. Skillstad, Industrial Technology Education; Sarah Lynne Spittler, Criminal Justice/Corrections, Psychology; Lisa Mari McGrane Tower++, Human Service Counseling; Travis Michael Vesely, Industrial Technology/Safety Management; Nathan Michael Vollbrecht, Life Sciences/Biology; Amanda Lea Waltke++, Exercise Science, Psychology; Cole Anthony Williams++, English Writing & Literature; Jamie E. Winter, Business/Management

NORTH BEND: Mallory Elizabeth Limbach, Business/Marketing; Chad Michael Robinson++, Sport Management, Coaching

O'NEILL: Nathan Alan Eby++, Computer Information Systems/Networking; Joseph E. Hoferer, Social Sciences; Travis Allan Lauridsen++, Technology/Management Services Occupations; Angela Marie Mann, Family & Consumer Sciences Education; Jennifer Renae Peterson, Business/Human Resource Management

OMAHA : Kathleen Elizabeth Egan++, Human Service Counseling; Andrea Mae Froistad, English Writing, Psychology; Kathleen Renee Gautier, Elementary Education; Lauren Dawn Gustafson, Sport Management

Stephanie Michelle Taylor Ihrke, Life Sciences/Health Sciences; Eric Anthony Klein, Life Sciences/Biology; Katie Marie Lincoln, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education; Sarah A. Mendenhall, English Education; Elizabeth Carroll Militti++, Sport Management, Journalism; Munachiso Eugene Okereke, Business/Human Resource Management; Daniel Anthony Pane, Sport Management, Business; Mark Otis Shearer++, Exercise Science; Lindsay Rae Wood, Mathematics Education, Basic Business Education

ORCHARD: Natalie Dawn Hawk++, Exercise Science, Psychology

OSCEOLA: Stacy Lee Peace, Computer Science; Gregory Michael Ptacek, History, Political Science; Curtis Randal Reese, Life Sciences/Biology, Exercise Science

OXFORD : Joseph M. Schoenfelder, Sport Management, Coaching

PALMER: Stacy Beth Pelican, Chemistry/Health Sciences; Justin Ryan Wardyn, Elementary Education

PAPILLION: Abby Jo Fugleberg++, Family & Consumer Sciences/Interior Design; Shane Michael Haffke, Industrial Technology/Construction Management, Planning-Design

PENDER: Brent Leon Svoboda, Business/Agri-Business; Jason James Urbanec, Industrial Technology/Safety Management, Industrial Technology ; Shea Joseph Welsh, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Biology

PIERCE: Joshua Dean Beltz++, Sport Management, Coaching; Patricia Marie Buss, Elementary Education ; Jared Dennis Hahn, Business/Finance, Management Information Systems; Karlie F. Hunt, Business/Accounting, Finance; Christopher Mark Martinson++, History, Business ; Erin Joy Polt++, Art/Graphic Design

PLAINVIEW : Jason LeRoy McAlexander, Political Science, History, Pre-Law; Jessica Jae Greenamyre Nissen, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education

PLATTE CENTER : Dena Marie Brock, Chemistry/Health Sciences, Biology ; Brittany Lynn Jarecki, Elementary Education

PLATTSMOUTH: Katrina Ann Neumiller, Elementary Education

PLYMOUTH : Lee M. Hahn, Applied Human & Sport Physiology; Kylie Lynn Hays, Life Sciences/Health Sciences

PONCA: Sarah Nicole Nelson, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education; Jenny Joann Taylor, Elementary Education

RANDOLPH: David Matthew Brummels, Computer Information Systems/Networking, Business ; Lori Elizabeth Kratochvil Porter, Elementary Education ; Bryce Adam Reimers, Business/Agri-Business ; Alicia Rose Reineke++, Human Service Counseling, Psychology

RISING CITY: Brandon Louis Stava++, Exercise Science, Business

ROSALIE: Angela Marie Richardson, History, Geography

ROYAL: Joshua Keith Hughes, Music/Vocal & Instrumental K-12 Education

SARGENT: Susan Laura Schenck, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Sociology

SCHUYLER: Kesha Lea Kracl, Criminal Justice/Corrections

SOUTH SIOUX CITY: Stephanie Joanne Farley, Business/Management; Jacob Steven Hanish++, Human Service Counseling; Virginia Ann Collins Kennedy, Business/Accounting; Andrew James Koehler, Chemistry/Health Sciences; Clayton C. McCabe, Industrial Technology/Construction Management, Safety; Ashley Marie Reller, Criminal Justice/Corrections; Andrea Jo Schoepf, Elementary Education

ST. HELENA : Cody Michael Suing, Life Sciences/Biology

STUART: Jason George Shald, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

SUTTON: Elizabeth Deanna Boals, Chemistry/Health Sciences; Lauren Ann Hanthorn, Life Sciences/Biology, Exercise Science

TEKAMAH: Kristopher Douglas Breedlove, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Emergency Management; Jacqueline Karen Mencke, Computer Information Systems/Web Analyst

THURTON: Ashley Nicole Smith, Sport Management, Business

TILDEN: Laura Jean Wilcox++, Sport Management

VALENTINE: Raelee Anne Van Winkle, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Sociology

VALPARAISO : Desiree Michelle Clark++, Life Sciences/Respiratory Therapy

VERDIGRE: Cole Patrick Liska, Life Sciences/Biology, Geography, Coaching

WAHOO: Jennifer Rachel Myers, Business/Finance, Mathematics ; Bethany Grace Simon++, Human Service Counseling

WAKEFIELD : Tabetha Lynn Barge, Criminal Justice/Corrections; Donald Eric Odens, Life Sciences/Biology; Joshua Michael Soderberg, Sport Management, Coaching

WALTON: Cody James Gregory, Mathematics Education

WAYNE: Ashleigh Anneliese Anikputa, Health & Physical Education K-12; Andrew William Baker++, Business/Management, Management Information Systems; Darin Duane Bargholz, Computer Information Systems/Networking; John Edwin Brogie, Chemistry/Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences/Biology; Jeremy W. Foote, Computer Science, Sport Management; Allison Erin Hansen, Life Sciences/Mortuary Science; Adam Steven Jorgensen++, Social Sciences; Dena Lynne Kardell++, Family & Consumer Sciences/Fashion Merchandising, Business; William Allen Karr++, Industrial Technology/Safety Management; Nicholas Vincent Lipp, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations; Eric Clayton McLagan, Interdisciplinary Studies/Youth Instruction; Leah Lorene Pickinpaugh, English Writing & Literature; Tracy Lynn Pierson, Human Service Counseling; Cheri Lynn McDonald Polenske, Computer Information Systems; Sarah Marie Rusk, Business Education; Heather Marie Zach++, Exercise Science

WEST POINT: Nicholas John Ell, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Computer Information Systems; Michael Maxwell, Middle Level Education; Jeanette Lynn Zila Norton, Elementary Education

WESTON: Frederick John Opp++; Business/Public Accounting, Finance; Lucas Richard Virgil, Political Science, Pre-Law, History

WINNETOON: Jessica Ann Avdoyan , Business/Finance; Bonnie Jo Fuchtman, Special Education/MMH K-12

WINSIDE: Brent Alan Janke++, Business/Finance

WISNER: Sharon Elisabeth Hughes, Art/K-12 Art Education; Patricia Lynne Daugherty Johnson++, Human Service Counseling; Jamie Jean Van Ert, Business/Management, Marketing

WYMORE: Rose Elaine Davidson, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

YORK : Derek T. Leif++, Business/Management

YUTAN: Amanda Rae Belsky-Lohr, Criminal Justice/Corrections, Law Enforcement; Alex Allan Elliott, Business/Public Accounting



PHOENIX : Brandon Paul Wiebelhaus, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Coaching



EAST PALO ALTO : Marque Quintrel McCray++, Social Sciences

MORENO VALLEY : Patrick LeAndre Parrish, Business/Advertising, Broadcast Communication

NEWARK : Kyle Anthony Redmond, Mass Communication/Broadcast Communication

POMONA : Timothy Edwin Taylor++, Sport Management

SAN DIEGO : Larry J. Washington++, Business/Management



PARKER: Timothy Paul McKenna, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations, Advertising


ANKENY : Nicholas Edward Jarosh, Sport Management, Business

ANTHON: Cory Spencer Carrington, Business/Finance

CEDAR RAPIDS: Dallas Dion Hodges, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations, Coaching ; Kristin Leigh Jennings++, Exercise Science

CENTENNIAL: Matthew Michael Walsh, Sport Management, Business

COUNCIL BLUFFS: Mitchell Scott Herrick, Business/Marketing, Management

DAVENPORT : Bryce Duane Caldwell, Computer Information Systems/Networking

GEORGE: Tina Ellen Kruger, Criminal Justice/Corrections

HAWARDEN: Leah Ann Byker++, Human Service Counseling, Criminal Justice ; Sawyer Jean Plageman, Sociology, Public Administration

HINTON: Daneill Maria Moser, Elementary Education, Music/Vocal K-8 Education

IOWA CITY : Timothy Lee Comstock, Technology/Construction Occupations, Industrial Technology/Safety Management

KINGSLEY: Melissa Ann Steffen, English Education

LAWTON : Amanda I. Furlich, Business/Office Administration

LEMARS: Jason Timothy Kilker, Life Sciences/Biology, Chemistry, Psychology ; Michael Gerard Nemmers, Business/International Business, Geography, Management Information Systems

MARION : Patrick Ingram Stalkfleet, Sport Management, Coaching

NEWELL: Eric Paul Johnson, Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership & Public Relations, Business

NORWALK : Michael Dean Donohoe++, Sport Management

ONAWA: Lisa Kay Hoffman Cooper, Elementary Education

OTHO: Brian Cecil Shelton, Computer Information Systems/Programmer-Analyst

PRIMGHAR: Ryan Jon Jenness, Social Sciences

SERGEANT BLUFF: Charles Jerome Bauman, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement; Brett Kathleen McLarty++, Business/Marketing, Advertising; Joshua Alan Reinders, Business/Human Resource Management, Management

SHELDON: Elizabeth Ann Blankers, Industrial Technology/Planning & Design, Safety

SIOUX CITY: Bridget Ann Corbin, Art/Graphic Design, Online Media ; Marguerite Ellen Morris Cortez, Early Childhood Education Unified ; Pamela Anna Ewing, Elementary Education; Brittney Alese Kayl, Elementary Education; James Robert Meyers, Industrial Technology/Safety Management, Human Resource Management ; Keith Ray Monckton, Sport Management, Coaching ; Katie Jean Peterson++, Life Sciences/Biology, Chemistry ; Todd Allan Peterson, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Management Information Systems ; Michelle Leigh Resene, English Education ; Lindsey Marie Sindt++, Business/Office Administration ; Christopher Lynn Tucker++, Business/Management ; Niki Marie Rensink Uhl, Business/Management ; Paul Kirkland Webber, Business/Management ; Amelia Jo Stusse, Music/Vocal & Instrumental K-12 Education

TREYNOR: Ashley Kathleen Boehm, Family Consumer Sciences/Interior Design, Fashion Merchandising

UNDERWOOD: Krystal Lynn Kenyon++, Business/Advertising

WATKINS: Matthew Alan Rathje, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Corrections, Sport Management, Business

WESTFIELD : Trudi C. Cadenbach, Natural Sciences Education



MAPLETON: Michael Scott Umphenour, Psychology, Criminal Justice



KANSAS CITY : Anthony Dwyane Lawrence++, Political Science, Speech Communication

PLATTE CITY : Andrew Jon Lieswald, History, English



HILLSBORO : Kevin Michael Anderson, Human Service Counseling



PUKWANA: Heidi Marie Swanson, Life Sciences/Biology

TEA: Jon Paul Oppold++, Sport Management, Business

WESSINGTON: Jay Rian Winter, Exercise Science, Coaching

YANKTON: Tyler J. Slate++, Exercise Science



DENTON : Michael Thomas Coghlan, Business/Management



LEKKI LAGOS: Oluwaseun Feyisitan Okubanjo++, Mass Communication/Broadcast Communication, Advertising




FREMONT : Janae Marie Rise, Magna cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Life Sciences/Biology

MCCOOL JUNCTION: Leann Marie Bolte, Summa cum Laude High Honors in the Major Life Sciences/Biology

PLATTE CENTER : Dena Marie Brock, cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Chemistry/Health Sciences


Based on the student’s cumulative GPA at the end of the semester prior to their semester of graduation.

High Honors in the Major – 12 hours of honors courses and complete a junior/senior honors project

Honors in the Major – 6 hours of honors courses and complete a junior/senior honors project.

Scholar in the Major – complete a junior/senior honors project.


BANCROFT: Denise Amanda Kraft, Honors in the Major Sociology

BLAIR: Morgan Marie Warrick, Summa cum Laude with High Honors in the Major English Education

BRAINARD: Matthew James Pernicek, Summa cum Laude with Scholar in the Major Geography Education

MILFORD : Casey M. Schroeder, Honorable Mention with Honors in the Major Mass Communication/Journalism

NEWCASTLE : Leah Marie Maskell Wiedenfeld, cum Laude with Scholar in the Major Social Sciences

OSCEOLA: Gregory Michael Ptacek, Scholar in the Major Political Science

PENDER: Shea Joseph Welsh, Magna cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Chemistry/Health Sciences

SOUTH SIOUX CITY : Kelsey B. Koch, Summa cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Spanish Education

WAHOO: Jennifer Rachel Myers, Summa cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Business/Finance

WESTON: Lucus Richard Virgil, Honorable Mention with High Honors in the Major Political Science


HAWARDEN: Sawyer Jean Plageman, Summa cum Laude with Scholar in the Major Sociology

SIOUX CITY : Katie Jean Peterson++, cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Life Sciences/Biology


PARKER: Timothy Paul McKenna, Magna cum Laude with High Honors in the Major Speech Communication/Organizational Leadership, Public Relations


Summa cum Laude

Based on seven semesters of course work. Cumulative grade point average between 3.90 to 4.0


ATKINSON: Jennifer Lynn Schaaf++

BLAIR: Morgan Marie Warrick

BRAINARD: Matthew James Pernicek

CLEARWATER : Kristina Marie Nolze

COLUMBUS : Canice Ann Coan, Rachelle Marie Divis, Alison Ruth Wilcox Jensen

EMMET: Joyce Susan Kloppenborg Miller

FREMONT : Michaela Ann Hegarty, Stephanie M. Kreikemeier

HOSKINS: Stacey Lynn Gnirk

HOWELLS: Amy Sue Cech, Stacy Marie Vollmer Ebel, Carrie Jean Renner

KEARNEY : Danielle L. Freburg-Hoffmeister

LAUREL : Laura Mae Troyer

LINCOLN : Stacilyn Michelle Geidner Nauman++

MCCOOL JUNCTION: Leann Marie Bolte

NELIGH: MeLinda Pat Arkfeld

OMAHA : Stephanie Michelle Taylor Ihrke, Daniel Anthony Pane

PALMER: Stacy Beth Pelican

PIERCE: Patricia Marie Buss

SOUTH SIOUX CITY : Kelsey B. Koch, Andrea Jo Schoepf

SUTTON: Elizabeth Deanna Boals

NEWCASTLE :Loretta Kay Grosvenor Harding

WAHOO: Jennifer Rachel Myers

WEST POINT: Jeanette Lynn Zila Norton


HAWARDEN: Sawyer Jean Plageman

LEMARS: Michael Gerard Nemmers

SIOUX CITY : James Robert Meyers, Michelle Leigh Resene

WATKINS: Matthew Alan Rathje


PHOENIX : Brandon Paul Wiebelhaus


Magna cum Laude

Based on seven semesters of course work. Cumulative grade point average between 3.80 to 3.89.

ATKINSON: Jeffrey J. Hagan

BLOOMFIELD : Brandi E. Jensen

BRUNSWICK : Halie Jo Hughes

COLUMBUS : Brenda J. Bryant Adams

CROFTON: Rita Mary Guenther

ELGIN : Jesse B. Schlinder

FREMONT : Janae Marie Rise

GENEVA : Diane Gale Bergstraesser Kremer

HEBRON : Tara Lynn Orvis

HUMPHREY: Kristin Marie Fittje++

LAUREL : Stephanie Kay Rath, Emily A. Schroeder

NORFOLK : Kathleen Ann Hilger Brestel++, Meagan Renee Priebe, Adam Daniel Skalberg, Sarah Lynne Spittler

OMAHA : Mark Otis Shearer++

O’NEILL: Angela Marie Mann

OSCEOLA: Stacy Lee Peace

PENDER: Shea Joseph Welsh

PLATTE CENTER : Brittany Lynn Jarecki

SOUTH SIOUX CITY: Virginia Ann Collins Kennedy

WEST POINT: Michael Maxwell


HINTON: Daniell Maria Moser


PARKER: Timothy Paul McKenna


Cum Laude

Based on seven semesters of course work. Cumulative grade point average between 3.70 to 3.79.


ALBION: Savannah Marie Seamann

COLUMBUS : Lynn M. Weeder Miller, Rebecca Lynn DeOss Kinnison, Tammy Kaye Svatora

CREIGHTON: Brian Phillip Jundt, Allison Renee Naprstek

DAVID CITY : Megan Lee DeWispelare

EMERSON: Jennifer Renee Oetken

FORT CALHOUN : Sarah Elizabeth Tinkham

FULLERTON : Jenny Lynn Zmek++

HARRISON : Stephen M. Elliott

NEWCASTLE : Leah Marie Maskell Wiedenfeld

NORFOLK : Spencer Alan Alewel

OMAHA : Kathleen Renee Gautier

PLATTE CENTER : Dena Marie Brock

RANDOLPH : Lori Elizabeth Kratochvil Porter

WAYNE : Cheri Lynn McDonald Polenske

WINNETOON: Bonnie Jo Fuchtman


ANKENY : Nicholas Edward Jarosh

SHELDON: Elizabeth Ann Blankers

SIOUX CITY : Brittney Alese Kayl, Katie Jean Peterson++, Todd Allan Peterson


PUKWANA: Heidi Marie Swanson

YANKTON: Tyler J. Slate++


Honorable Mention

Based on seven semesters of course work. Cumulative grade point average between 3.50 to 3.69.


BATTLE CREEK: Nicole Renee Severy

BLAIR: Katie Ann Burns++

BLOOMFIELD : Becky Ann Schainost++

CLARKSON: Tiffany Michelle Mann

CLEARWATER : Kent Lawrence Carpenter

CREIGHTON: Miranda Lea Hornback

CRESTON: Danielle Marie Bradley

CROFTON: James Steven Meyers

ELGIN : Kimberly Danielle Reich

EMERSON: Katie Lynn Fillipi++

FORT CALHOUN : Andrea Marie Husk

FREMONT : Kiley Ann Callaway++

HARTINGTON: Tracy Marie Lammers

HASTINGS : Kayla Marie Boner

HUMPHREY: Melissa Ann Hemmer

MILFORD : Erik Thomas Oliva, Casey M. Schroeder

NIOBRARA : Nicholas Alan Kemnitz

NORFOLK : Judy A. Mischke, Heather K. Richter Quaid, Matthew M. Skillstad

NEWCASTLE : Jessica Lynn Pfister Gotch

OMAHA : Katie Marie Lincoln, Sarah A. Mendenhall, Lindsay Rae Wood

ORCHARD: Natalie Dawn Hawk++

PLAINVIEW : Jessica Jae Greenamyre Nissen

PLATTSMOUTH: Katrina Ann Neumiller

PLYMOUTH : Kylie Lynn Hays

PONCA: Sarah Nicole Nelson

RANDOLPH : Alicia Rose Reineke++

RISING CITY: Brandon Louis Stava++

ROYAL: Joshua Keith Hughes

WAYNE : Jeremy W. Foote, Tracy Lynn Pierson

WESTON: Lucas Richard Virgil


ANTHON: Cory Spencer Carrington

HAWARDEN: Leah Ann Byker++

IOWA CITY : Timothy Lee Comstock

KINGSLEY: Melissa Ann Steffen

ONAWA: Lisa Kay Hoffman Cooper

OTHO: Brian Cecil Shelton


TEA: Jon Paul Oppold++



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