Wayne State College

Program Feature: Art Education Degree Program

Published Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Jenny Martin
Senior graphic design student Jenny Martin prepares ink for a print.

Students share why they are in the art education degree program at Wayne State College.

By Brooklynn Grixby, College Relations intern

Lindsay Fisher

Junior Lindsay Fisher examines a finished piece of artwork.

One of the many programs offered by Wayne State College is the art education degree program, a program that gives artists an opportunity to share their love of art by learning how to teach it to the next generation of artists. In the art education degree program, Wayne State College offers classes ranging from art history, graphic design, and even different opportunities to see your own artwork in action on display.

“I chose Wayne State College because the class sizes are perfect for me and I can build great relationships with my professors and peers,” said Lindsay Fisher, a junior from Blair, Neb., in the art education degree program.

Small class sizes mean students are able to learn from not only an attentive faculty but from each other, too.

“I have learned how to solve problems and to ask for help when I need to,” said Jenny Martin, a senior from Emerson, Neb., in the art education degree program. “I also have learned how to critique others in a respectful manner and receive criticism for myself.”

The art education degree program extends outside of the classroom at Wayne State. The college offers art walks, juried student exhibits at the end of the semester, and senior art exhibits. The senior art exhibit is a chance for students to share their artwork at the Nordstrand Art Gallery in the college’s library.

Wayne State also offers diverse clubs for students that are tied to specific majors. These clubs and organizations offer many ways to stay involved on campus and in the community. A student in the art education degree program student can participate in the WSC Art Education Club or even become a member of the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts.

Earning an art education degree opens the door to many jobs. Graduates have the opportunity to use their degree to teach at different levels in schools, work in studio arts, or even own their own gallery one day.

“I plan to teach high school art after graduation,” Fisher said. “I am looking for an art teacher position in a medium-sized high school in the Midwest.”

Art education degree students like Fisher and Martin have learned skills like classroom management and leadership along with public speaking and creating presentations for their future students within their classes.

Martin has also started to use her art knowledge to help others while still in school. She serves as an art tutor here at Wayne State where she is able to interact with students taking different levels of classes and help them better understand the classes that they are taking.

“I ultimately found people that I will keep in touch with the rest of my life,” Martin said. “The community is one of the things I value most about Wayne.”