Wayne State College

What's Next for Wayne State?

Published Saturday, December 1st, 2018

The future of Wayne State College depends on our ability as an institution to make strong decisions in line with our mission that support the passions of our students and the needs of the great state.

Here is how we will ensure our ability to continue to focus on the future of our students and our region:

Determine our goals and be determined to hit them: We must continue to stabilize our numbers of freshmen and graduate students as we have done this year while recognizing there is always room to grow, especially with transfers through the WITCC, MCC, and international agreements.

Work together to tell the story about our institution and be present across the region through campus visits, camps, serving students online, providing students with a good academic experience, and supporting the scholarship program. Each of these initiatives have made a difference.

Continue to fine tune our academic offerings and partnerships.

Commit ourselves to facilities that augment our work as we have done with the new Criminal Justice facility, Stadium Press Box, and the Center for Applied Technology.

Legislators, donors, industry, and friends want to support institutions that are innovative, progressive, and showing growth that is strategic and valuable. We must continue to demonstrate that we are worth every investment of their time, talents, and treasures.