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ServiceNow is going live!

Published Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

We are transitioning to the ServiceNow system! ServiceNow is the replacement for the TroubleTicket system (incidents – “something is broken – help!”).

Hoppy Spring!

There’s something brewing and it’s not a batch from the fermentation program in the Carhart Science Building! …….or maybe there is one over there as well ;)

We are transitioning to the ServiceNow system! 

ServiceNow is the replacement for the TroubleTicket system (incidents – “something is broken – help!”).  It will consolidate email requests into one system (requests - computer purchases, technology moves, access to g: drive folders) and provides for improved communication about the status of your request(s)!

There is no need to change how you interact with us at this time.  Please continue working with your building Office Assistants (OAs) and calling or emailing as you do today.  This week we will be working with a small group of OAs and the Network and Technology Services (NATS) Ninjas (student workers) will begin recording new incidents and requests into ServiceNow.

Within ServiceNow, when a ticket is submitted, updated, resolved, and closed you will receive an email notification.  This communication will be sent to your @wsc.edu email account from the ServiceNow system  (comsc@service-now.com).  **Given the recent uptick in spam phishing attempts we want you to be aware this is legit correspondence from NATS.**

Other than more timely status updates from our team, there should be no difference in how you interact with NATS to get help from us!


John Dunning & the NATS crew