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Health, Human Performance and Sport Students Win Quiz Bowl at National Meeting

Published Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Wayne State College students won the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Student Bowl Championship in Seattle, Wash., May 27-30, 2009, at the 56th annual ACSM meeting.

Wayne State College students won the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Student Bowl Championship in Seattle, Wash., May 27-30, 2009, at the 56th annual ACSM meeting.

Kelly Brink, Peter Ray and Darren Richter, Wayne State College students from the Department of Health, Human Performance and Sport majoring in Exercise Science, were awarded a permanent trophy that is on display in the trophy case in the north foyer of the newly renovated basement in Rice Auditorium on campus. In addition to the trophy, each was awarded more than $500 in prizes including a one year membership to the ACSM, a voucher for an ACSM certification and an ACSM certification preparation textbook packet.

The team competed in a Jeopardy ACSM style contest against six other teams from schools throughout the United States that won regional chapter competitions. Wayne State won the Northland Chapter regional competition Oct. 16 in Duluth, Minn., which earned them a place in the national competition.

Dr. Donovan Conley, professor of exercise science, coordinated the trip and accompanied the students to Seattle.

“This was a trip of a lifetime for Kelly, Peter, Darren and me,” he said. “I am so very proud of our students, faculty, and programs at WSC. Our students went toe-to-toe with students from some of the most highly regarded programs in the nation and came out on top. This is a big win for everyone on our campus and underscores the notion that you can get anywhere from Wayne State College!”

”This win highlights the fact that Wayne State College students can compete with their peers from some of the best schools in the nation," said Dr. Tammy Evetovich, Health, Human Performance and Sport department chair. "The faculty in our department work really hard to provide quality teaching and this accomplishment by our students is, in part, attributed to the education they received while at WSC. WSC professors are constantly encouraging students to strive for excellence and are providing them with the skills they need to succeed. This win by Kelly, Peter and Darren is just the beginning of their success stories.”

Other institutions and regional chapters represented in the national competition included:  University of Oregon (Northwest Chapter), Florida State University and University of Western Florida (Southeast Chapter), University of Connecticut (New England Chapter), Eastern Michigan University (Midwest Chapter), Cal State San Bernadino (Southwest Chapter), and West Chester University and Edinboro University (Mid-Atlantic).

Financial support for WSC students to participate in this event was provided by the Northland Chapter ACSM. Support for Brink and Ray to present their research paper at the meeting was provided by the Dean of Natural and Social Sciences (Dr. Kevin Hill) and the Vice-President for Academic Affairs (Dr. Robert McCue).

Quiz Bowl competition involved answering open-ended short answer questions in three rounds of Jeopardy (single, double, final). Questions became more difficult as point values increased. Questions were devised by experts in their respective academic areas and covered a variety of topics commonly taught in undergraduate exercise science curriculums including strength and conditioning, anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, electrocardiogram interpretation, environmental physiology, exercise physiology, exercise prescription, metabolism, mixing chamber (variety of categories), nutrition, pathophysiology and pharmacology.

Students were given just 10 seconds to answer questions and incorrect answers resulted in associated point values being subtracted from the teams running score. Scorekeepers were positioned at each teams table and three judges (past-presidents of ACSM) ruled on answers that were viewed as questionable in accuracy.

Brink is the son of Brad and Jill Brink of Lyons; Ray is the son of Daniel and Peggy Ray of Spalding; and Richter is the son of Jeff and Sharon Richter of Fremont.