MBA - Student Oriented Faculty


Wayne State College is a regional public college and is part of a three school state college system. The College’s basic mission is to develop students for a wide range of academic abilities through quality teaching and support and it strives to assist with the development of its service region through the delivery of public service programs and activities. Wayne State College is not a research oriented institution. The faculty and staff in the School of Business and Technology/Business and Economics Department focus on providing a positive experience for the student in a professionally oriented manner. Wayne State College has a tradition of emphasizing strong teaching and helpful out-of-class support in a personalized setting.


The following faculty are MBA faculty that teach in the program:


Dr. JoAnn Bondhus

Dr. Meenaski Dalal

Dr. Laura Dendinger

Dr. Sharon Garvin

Dr. Timothy Garvin

Dr. Kenneth Hallgren

Dr. Patricia Lutt

Dr. Jeryl Nelson

Dr. Charles Parker

Dr. John Paxton

Gerard Ras





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