Network Notices

"Desktop Untimely Reboot"

posted 7-19-07


A brief explanation of what we know about yesterdays very untimely reboot of your desktop computer around 1:40 P.M.  First, I want to say that we are sorry it happened and work very hard to eliminate this kind of activity.  It was a puzzling experience for us as well and very discouraging.
We purchase a license from Microsoft called the Microsoft Campus Agreement that allows us to use select software packages on a site license basis for the campus.  With that agreement also comes some electronic support.  That means we receive patch upgrades to the operating system on an as needed basis.  Some times we get these upgrades two or three times a week.  Other times we go a couple of weeks without them.  Yesterday morning we applied a patch upgrade and set the timer to have it do the upgrade before 1 P.M.  It was our hope that this would occur over our lunch period or close to it.  Anyway, the timing mechanism in the upgrade application failed and we are not sure why.  We are waiting for Microsoft to tell us what happened.
A couple of months ago I sent out an alert that detailed our need for doing these upgrades.  You can find it on the NATS website under Network Notices for the month of May.  I am including the URL for a reminder of this issue.
Thank you for your kind understanding,
Dennis Linster
Chief Information Officer
Wayne State College


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