Wayne State College

Strategic Plan 2022-2028

Message from the President

As president, I am pleased to present the Wayne State College Strategic Plan for 2022-2028. This new plan, which was nearly two years in the making due to pandemic-induced delays, supports the momentum of the college with a data-driven blueprint that aims to inspire students, strengthen communities, and serve our region.

The plan advances strategic goals and initiatives that leverage the College’s strengths, minimize weaknesses, and seize opportunities. Our goals are clear: improve retention and graduation rates, provide high-quality academic programs and campus facilities, support workforce and economic development in the region, maintain affordability and access, and manage resources for sustainability.

This ambitious strategic plan emerged from the work of the Wayne State College Strategic Planning Leadership Council. The council solicited campus stakeholder and community needs and evaluated WSC’s competitive position while assessing the College’s culture, processes, performance, systems, services, and programs in order to create a plan that includes strategic goals, initiatives, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

These strategic goals and initiatives are carefully aligned with the Nebraska State College System strategic plan and the College’s strategic enrollment plan. Each goal consists of strategic initiatives linked with action steps, all of which are measured by a dynamic set of KPIs designed to constantly monitor progress. The strategic plan also calls for a midpoint review in the third year to assess progress and reallocate resources as needed.

Early in the process, internal and external stakeholders were committed to reviewing and updating the College’s long-standing vision and mission statements. The council also agreed that a full expression of the College’s core values would set the stage for establishing goals and initiatives that align with the College’s identity. The new vision statement, mission statement, and core values precisely define our highest aspirations for the college, our commitment to the students we educate, and the guidance we have set for ourselves as we perform our important work.

I am proud to present the components of the College’s new Strategic Plan. Together, we have built a path forward that incorporates the vision our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends have crafted while supporting the great people and programs that have defined Wayne State for generations. I am grateful for the feedback we received from so many of you early in this process and confident that this strategic direction represents your greatest hopes for the College and distinguishes Wayne State in the landscape of higher education.