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GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decades) is a club for Wayne State College’s young alumni. A GOLD alumnus is a Wildcat who has graduated within the last two decades. These alumni represent almost 35 percent of WSC’s total living alumni!

Goals of GOLD Club:

  • Create and maintain relationships with young alumni
  • Begin a tradition of involvement from young alumni
  • Provide personal and professional networking opportunities
  • Allow alumni to reconnect with each other and campus
  • Obtain updated contact information

GOLD hosts social and professional networking events for its members with occasional events at members’ cost. GOLD events feature students, faculty, and administrators talking about updates and exciting changes on campus, and alumni discussing work and research in their chosen fields; great opportunities for new alumni to make professional and personal connections! Of course, there's plenty of time to have fun and catch up with your fellow grads!

The GOLD Club Council is a group alumni volunteers who have devoted their time and energy to help plan events and discuss opportunities for our young alumni to connect. Anyone can be a part of the GOLD Council if they wish to get involved.

No regular dues are required to be a member of the GOLD Club, and we welcome ideas for events and engagement! Learn more about upcoming events on GOLD's events page.

GOLD Club Events

GOLD Club events are great opportunities for members to get together with other recent WSC graduates, but also to network professionally! GOLD events feature students, faculty, and administrators talking about the updates and exciting changes happening on campus, and also alumni discussing their career paths and successes attributed to their Wayne State education.

No regular dues are required. Some events will require member cost.

Become a Member

To become a member of GOLD Club, please contact Amber Sperry at 402-375-7370 or at [email protected].

GOLD Council
GOLD Council is a group of members who have dedicated their time and efforts to help shape the club and its social calendar. If you'd like to get more involved and become a volunteer member of the GOLD Council, contact Amber Sperry.