Wayne State College

School Counseling (MSE) Program of Study

Typical Program of Study

(60 hours)

Counseling Core (MSE) (36 hours) (required courses for all areas of counseling)
CSL 541 Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Disorders (3)
CSL 547  Multicultural Counseling (3)
CSL 575 Psychopathology and Client Adaptations (3)

CSL 580  Professional Ethical and Legal Standards of Practice (3)
CSL 600  Theories of Counseling (3)
CSL 615  Career Development and Life Planning (3)
CSL 625  Theory and Practice of Appraisal (3)
CSL 630  Human Development Across the Life Span (3)
CSL 660  Professional Foundations and Counseling Skills (3)
CSL 665  Group Counseling (3)
CSL 688 Crisis and Trauma Intervention (3)
EDU 603 Introduction to Educational Research and Design (3)

Content Area Requirements for School Counselors (PK-12) (24 hours)
CSL 641 Counseling Children (3)
CSL 647 Comprehensive School Counseling (3)
CSL 650 Current Practices in School Counseling with Diverse Populations (3)
CSL 662 Supervised Practicum (3)
CSL 671 Organization/Administration of Academic Counseling Services (3)
*CSL 697 Internship in Counseling (PK-8 settings) (3)
*CSL 697 Internship in Counseling (7-12 settings) (3)
SPD 636 Social/Emotional Behavior (3)
**Students must complete 12 hours to meet NDE Rule 24, which are built into this program.

*Practicum and internship experiences determined by program. The setting of an internship must be specific to the type of MSE that is selected. Students must acquire hours to satisfy the appropriate certification and licensure requirements.

**Per Rule 24 from the Nebraska Department of Education,“006.47D4a If the candidate has not previously earned a teaching certificate with an endorsement contained in 92 NAC 24, the candidate must also complete a minimum of 12 additional semester hours of professional teacher education coursework related to core curriculum design, lesson plan development, classroom management strategies, student assessment, and differentiated instructional strategies.”