Wayne State College

Growing Together Employers

Program Highlights

This new program supports you business, from student recruitment to employment. The Growing Together Career Scholars Program recruits qualified high school seniors who are committed to working and staying in Northeast Nebraska. Participants are offered a generous scholarship package for completing specific degree programs, where they’ll ultimately form the labor pool for high-skilled jobs in underserved areas. The program offers students an opportunity to afford their four-year degree while also providing them career experience. Students will be required to live in downtown Norfolk during their senior year at WSC, where they’ll complete immersive work-based learning experiences within the community. Simply put, they’ll learn by doing. Students will also participate in career readiness activities beginning their freshman year, including business site visits and job shadowing, all while learning the fundamentals of cooperative education.

Program goals

  • Retain talent between the ages of 20-34 in high-skilled, high-wage jobs to counter the current shortage of four-year degree holders in Northeast Nebraska
  • Increase the number of four-year high tech graduates in the fields of information technology and computer science, industrial technology, business, and communications who live and work in Madison County
  • Provide students with a meaningful set of career-relevant skills and help them find employment in their field in Northeast Nebraska