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COVID-19 Resources and FAQs

Job Searching Tips and Resources


Conducting a Job Search During Tough Times

During tough times, continue your job search! Employers are still hiring and many are able to handle the application process remotely. Some employers will put their searches on hold, but stay in touch with them to keep informed of their hiring needs.

Get Tips to Find Work

  • Shift your mindset. It is okay and understandable to be frustrated and upset about the timing of the coronavirus with your job search. However, the sooner you can envision the possibilities, the sooner you can create and execute a new plan of action. There are opportunities out there – you have to act to connect with them.
  • Schedule time in your day to work on your search. Stay positive and proactive.
  • Keep networking. In the current situation, actively using online resources is even more valuable than ever. Recruiters seek candidates on LinkedIn and important connections, news, and organization information can be found there. If you have not yet created a LinkedIn account, consider adding it to your search strategy.
  • Connect specifically with Wayne State faculty, staff, family, friends, and alumni in your field. Search for WSC Alumni on LinkedIn!
  • Focus on industries not as affected by COVID-19 and/or can conduct their work virtually such as finance, information technology, telecommunications, health care, marketing and grocery.
  • Expect interviews to be over phone and video. Use our Mock Interview module, located under the Resources menu in Cat Tracks, to practice! Cat Tracks can be found under myWSC.
  • View a variety of online job boards including our online job board, Cat Tracks
  • Participate in virtual career events such as those found at JobFairsNebraska or JobFairsIn
  • Add targeted job listing sites to your search routine. Check-out sites such as FlexJobs, Remote.Co, SkipTheDrive, Jobspresso, and JustRemote.
  • Organize, target, and streamline your job search: Record and track job postings and applications in a spreadsheet or other data management system.
  • Set up job alerts on Indeed and other employment sites so you are notified when new job postings in your field are listed. Expand your search keywords. Consider using terms such as, "work at home," "telecommute," and "remote." Expedite your search by using hashtags such as: #Jobs #HireMe #Hiring #JobSearch #JobOpening #JobSearching #HiringNow #JobSearchTips #NowHiring #Resume #Recruiting #Employment #JoinOurTeam #Remote #JobOpening #RemoteJob 
  • Develop skills to enhance your qualifications through online learning such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and Edx
  • Stay informed on who is hiring and who is not on sites such as Candor and The Muse.
  • Reevaluate your plans and adjust as needed. Go outside your comfort zone, compromise, and focus on short term opportunities which can benefit your long term goals.
  • Consider freelance work in your area of expertise such as graphic design, social media, software development, and editing.


Internships, Job Shadowing, Summer Jobs, and Other Experiences

If your summer internship is cancelled, inquire with the organization about the possibility of completing a virtual internship or a micro-internship that would allow you to work remotely.

Internship Ideas

  • Virtual internship: is an online or remote experience that gives the student an opportunity to gain valuable work experience from any location. Your employer, who may be local, national or global, will make regular contact with the intern and other members of their team via video, phone and email.
  • Micro-internship: A short-term, paid, professional project or assignment typically given to traditional interns or new employees. These opportunities allow students to gain relevant work experience in their field, explore career paths, and build networks with employers. These internships can take place year-round, range from 5 to 40 hours of work total, and usually last between one week and one month.

Additional Suggestions for Cancelled Summer Experiences

  • Continue your search! There are still opportunities available and WSC can help you find them. Our Career Services office can help you with your job/internship search, revise your resume and cover letter, and set up mock interviews.
  • If you need an internship to graduate and it was cancelled, consult with our Internship Coordinator or your department about possible alternatives. You may be able to participate in other projects, experiences and/or programs to fulfill your internship requirement.
  • There are many other ways to gain experience this summer, including volunteer work. The coronavirus has impacted many organizations and nonprofits that need assistance in reaching their populations. Explore volunteer opportunities at:
  • Use your free time to learn something new. LinkedIn Learning, Edx, and Coursera all have programs designed to help you develop valuable skills.
  • Search Cat Tracks, found on your my WSC page, for internship opportunities, as well as current part-time and summer jobs. Also, many employers are now offering paid virtual summer internships that will help you gain valuable experience.
  • Consider jobs and organizations that are less affected by COVID-19 such as landscaping, construction and cleaning. Also consider in-demand positions such as stockers and shoppers for grocery stores and other essential stores and pharmacies.
  • To find home-based or remote job opportunities, you could try these online job boards:
    • Flexjobs – online subscription based job board with free articles and resources
    • JobsPresso – various opportunities via online, email, FB or Twitter
    • Just Remote – permanent or Fully Remote opportunities
    • LetsWorkRemotely – offers job board and access to their remote FB communities
    • Outsourcely – mainly FT opportunities with ways to connect with startup companies
    • Pangian – various opportunities with working remote resources
    • Pro Blogger – great resource for CNA & ENG majors – mainly writing and blogging jobs
    • remote | ok – various opportunities with a list of top remote companies
    • Remote.co – provides great articles on working remotely and list of remote companies
    • Remotive – offers online job board with great articles on working remotely and list of remote companies
    • Skip the Drive – FT and PT positions available
    • Way Up – internship opportunities
    • We Work Remotely – FT and Contract opportunities
    • Working Nomads – FT, PT and Contract opportunities
    • Virtualinternships.com – is a fee based internship placement service
    • Virtual Vocations – online job board with Free Accounts or a Paid Premium Subscription option


Career Exploration

Virtual Informational interviews are a great way to learn from professionals when you can’t meet in person or shadow. Reach out to alumni through the alumni tab on the WSC’s LinkedIn page. Send a message/email to introduce yourself and ask to schedule a phone call or video appointment to learn about their career path and their advice for students interested in their industry. Consider expanding your reach beyond WSC alumni as well, searching LinkedIn or Google for professionals working in areas of interest.

If you had previously scheduled virtual interviews or shadowing experiences, be sure to check in. It may not be possible to shadow at this time and informational interviews may need to be postponed or rescheduled. Ensure you are empathetic and understanding.

Take advantage of resources available to you to explore your career options. What Can I Do With This Major and O*Net OnLine are two resources that will provide insight into several different major/career choices.