Wayne State College

NECC to WSC Transfer Program - Elementary Education

This program will lead to an A.A. in Elementary Education from Northeast Community College and a B.S. in Elementary Education from Wayne State College.

Northeast Community College and Wayne State College Equivalencies




BIOS 1010 General Biology

BIO 110 Biology Concepts


EDUC 1110 Intro to Processional Education

EDU 150 Introduction to Professional Education


ENGL 1010 English Composition I

ENG 102 Composition Skills


ARTS 10 50 Intro to Art History and Criticism I, ARTS 1060 Intro to Art History and Criticism II, MUSC 1010 Intro to Music, or SPAN 1200 Elementary Spanish I

ART 244 Art History Survey or ART 245 Art History Survey II or MUS 110 Topics in Music or SPA 110 Elementary Spanish I

3-4 (NECC)
3 (WSC)

PSYC 1810 Intro to Psychology

PSY 101 General Psychology


ARTS 2250 Elementary School Art

ART 315 Art and Creative Process in Education

3 (NECC)
2 (WSC)

HIST 1050/1060 World History I/II or HIST 2010/HIST 2020 American History I/II

HIS 120 World History for General Studies or HIS 150 History of the U.S. for General Studies


HPER 2510 Physical Education in Elementary School

EDU 331 Development of P.E. and Health in Elementary School


PHYS 1100 Physical Science

PHS 102 Physical Science Today

4 (NECC)
3 (WSC)

SPCH 1010 Fundamentals of Communication or SPCH 1110 Public Speaking

CNA 100 Principles of Human Communication


GEOG 1020 World Regional Geography

GEO 120 World Regional Geography


EDUC 2070 Family and Community Relationships

EDU 217 Diverse Family Systems

3 (NECC)
2 (WSC)

HPER 1550 Lifetime Wellness

PED 103 Physical Health and Wellbeing


MATH 1010 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

MAT 210 Math for Elementary School Teachers I


MUSC 2350 Elementary School Music

MUS 214 Music and the Creative Process in Education


EDUC 1700 Professional Practicum Elementary School



EDUC 2250 Children’s Literature

EDU 216 Children’s Literature

3 (NECC)
2 (WSC)

ENGL 1020 English Composition II

ENG 150 Topics in Literature


MATH 1015 Geometry for Elementary Teachers

MAT 215 Math for Elementary School Teachers II


PSYC 2300 Psychology of Learning

EDU 250 Human Development and Cognition



EDU 275 PK-12 Instructional Design*


*EDU 275 PK-12 Instructional Design is taught by WSC prior to completion of second year of the program. These 3 credit hours count toward completion of the B.S. in Elementary Education through WSC.

Wayne State College Courses

Junior/Senior Years

Advancement to Level 2: Acceptance to Teacher Education
EDU 302 Curriculum/Standards and Assessment in Elementary Schools (3)
EDU 318 Professional Communications (3)
EDU 320 Instructional Media and Technology (2)
EDU 332 Development of Language Arts in Elem/Middle School (3)
EDU 335 Clinical Experience I (1)
EDU 340 Early Reading (3)
EDU 341 Intermediate Reading (3)
EDU 423 Development of Social Studies in Elementary/Middle School (3)
EDU 430 Literacy Assessment (3)
EDU 431 Development of Science in the Elementary/Middle School (3)
EDU 432 Development of Mathematics in Elementary/Middle School (3)
EDU 435 Clinical Experience (1)
SPD 302 Inclusive Practices for Special and General Educators (3)
SPD 435 Social, Emotional Development and Behavior Interventions K-6 (3)
Elective (if needed) (1-8)

Advancement to Level 3: Clinical Practice
EDU 452 Clinical Practice and Seminar in Elementary School (12)

Successful completion of an Associate of Arts in Elementary Education from NECC (that includes a minimum of 30 semester hours of general studies coursework or its equivalent with a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher) will satisfy WSC’s 10 Core Academic Tenets and are accepted as approved programmatic substitutions for WSC’s endorsement program in elementary education. It is understood by both parties that not all courses from NECC will be exact equivalencies to the WSC elementary education endorsement courses but are approved substitutions when taken together. NOte: A cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher is required for admission into the WSC Teacher Education Program.

Total credit hours required for a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from WSC will total 120 credit hours. The 120 credit hours will include the transfer of up to 66 credit hours from NECC’s Associate of Arts in Elementary Education, and the remaining 53-54 credit hours from WSC (see above) that will result in a Nebraska teaching endorsement. Transfer students also may elect to complete one or more program endorsements that may require a total of more than 120 credits to complete.

To assist prospective transfer students enrolled in the in AA-Elementary Education/BS-Elementary Education Program with their academic planning, WSC and NECC will jointly advise students in the AA-Elementary Education/BS-Elementary Education Program during their third and fourth semesters at NECC. Students identifed by NECC as potential transfer students to WSC will work with co-advisors throughout their third and fourth semesters at NECC.

Other concerns with academic planning include having taken and passed the Praxis “Core” exam, a satisfactory background check, and portfolio of materials ready for review by WSC’s “Professional Progress Committee” while still enrolled in term four at NECC.
Students enrolled in this program, by transferring all satisfactorily completed academic credits and other requirements identifed within the AA-Elementary Education/BS-Elementary Education Program, will enter WSC with junior standing at Level 2 according to the Benchmarks Chart.
Students must complete 24 of the fnal 30 hours from WSC, and 40 credit hours of classes at the 300 or higher level.

Students enrolled in this program, in order to transfer into Level 2, must have earned a cum GPA of 2.5 (2.75 for admittance to student teaching) in accordance with our Benchmarks Chart with no required Level 1 courses below a C. For the sake of this agreement, the NECC courses that are program substitutions for WSC’s Level 1 courses are: SPCH 1010/1110, ENGL 1010, EDUC 1110, and PSYC 2300.