Wayne State College

NECC to WSC Transfer Program - Integrated Tech Support

NECC to WSC Transfer Program - Integrated Tech Support (A.S. to B.S.)

This program will lead to an A.S. in Computer Information Systems from Northeast Community College and a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Wayne State College.

Northeast Community College Courses

General Education/General Studies
Group A:  Behavioral Science (3-6)
Group B:  English/Literature (3-6)
Group C:  Fine Arts and Language (0-4)
Group D:  Mathematics (6)
Group E:  Natural Science (8)
Group F:  Oral Communication (3)
Group G:  Technology (unduplicated below) (3)
Group H:  Written Communication (3)

Note: Students must successfully complete a minimum of 60 hours from NECC for an A.S. degree     

Computer Science Core Courses
INFO 1020 Intro to Information Technology (3)
INFO 1100 Microcomputer Applications (3)
INFO 1170 Operating Systems I (3)
INFO 2300 Database Techniques (3)
INFO 2310 Database Concepts and Design (3)
INFO 2500 Programming in C++ (3)
INFO 2550 Programming in JAVA (4)
INFO 2700 Cisco Networking I (4)
INFO 2710 Cisco Networking II (4)

Wayne State College Courses

Business Support Courses
BUS 142 Survey of Accounting (3)
BUS 208 Business Communications (3)
BUS 260 Management Theory and Practice (3)
CIS 352 Introduction to Enterprise Computing (3)

Computing Core Courses
CIS 360 CIS Analysis and Design (3)
CSC 480 Seminar in Computer Information Systems (3)

CIS Integrated Technology Support Concentration Courses
CIS 369 IT Support and Management (3)
CIS 430 Management Information Systems (3)
CIS 472 Advanced Computer Hardware and Embedded Systems (3)
CIS 477 Project Management (3)
CIS 372 Computer Hardware (3)
CSC 378 Robotics (3)
CIS or CSC upper division electives (3)

General electives (or a minor by advisement) (21)
At least 16 of these credit hours must be upper division (300 or above) credit.