Wayne State College

Pre-Public Health Program of Study

Every effort is made to ensure this information is current, but please be aware that some content may have changed. There is no substitute for developing a careful course registration plan in consultation with your advisor. The class sequence listed is suggested only. The final decision rests with the student and academic advisor.

2023-24 Academic Year

Freshman - 1st semester
ENG 102 Composition Skills (General Studies CAT 1) (3)
PED 105 Anatomy and Physiology I (3)
PGH 200 Intro to Personal, Public, and Global Health (General Studies CAT 9) (3)
General Studies CAT 2 (3)
General Studies CAT 4 (3)

Freshman - 2nd semester
MAT 180 Applied Probability and Statistics (General Studies CAT 3) (3)
PED 130 Intro to Exercise in Allied Health Fields (3)
PED 205 Anatomy and Physiology II (3)
General Studies CAT 5 (3)
General Studies CAT 8 (3)

Sophomore - 1st semester
PED 207 Athletic Performance and Nutrition (3)
PED 305 Exercise Physiology (3)
PED 411 Sport Marketing and Promotion (3)
General Studies CAT 6 (3)
General Studies CAT 10 (3)

Sophomore - 2nd semester
PED 330 Research and Current Trends in Exercise Science (3)
PED 351 Biomechanics (3)
PED 470 Fitness Evaluation and Assessment (3)
PED 471 Tests and Measurements (3)
General Studies CAT 7 (3)

Junior - 1st semester
PED 400 Exercise for Clinical Populations (3)
PED 472 Wellness Practicum I (3)
SSC 300 Social Science Research Methods (3)
*Electives (6)

Junior - 2nd semester
PED 241 First Aid and CPR (0-2)
PED 357 Principles of Strength and Conditioning (3)
PED 473 Wellness Practicum II (2)
*Electives (6-8)

Summer Internship (required)
PED 483 Fieldwork (12)

After the third year at WSC, the student will spend two years at UNMC, with up to 23 credit hours transferring back to WSC to complete the bachelor’s degree. An internship is required after the junior year and before entering UNMC.

*A minor in public and global health is recommended to accompany this degree. These courses may be taken in place of electives.