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Accelerated Bachelor's in Nursing Program

Accelerated Nursing Program

About the Accelerated Nursing Program

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? The accelerated nursing program, a partnership between Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, will prepare you for a variety of nursing careers: educators and faculty, managers and administrators, mental health and counseling. Through this program, you’ll obtain your bachelor’s degree in the field of your choice at Wayne State, then take one year of classes to receive your nursing degree (BSN) through UNMC. Whether you are a current student at Wayne State, transferring from another school, or even a current employee of a nursing home or hospital, this is a great opportunity to pair your current skills and interests with an education in health care, leading to a fulfilling and lasting career.

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Percent of recent WSC graduates employed or in graduate school
based on the most recent graduate survey

Fast Facts

Program details: You’ll complete a bachelor’s degree in any major at WSC while also completing preparatory BSN. curriculum. Upon prospective graduation from WSC, you’ll apply to the accelerated nursing program at UNMC’s Norfolk campus. You’ll complete one year of courses through UNMC (January through December) and graduate with your BSN.

Hours required:
General education: 30
BSN prerequisites: 58
To graduate from WSC: 120

Students must also obtain a certified nursing assistant (CNA) certificate.

UNMC College of Nursing Honors Admission: You may be eligible for guaranteed admission, based on UNMC honors criteria. This includes:

  • A 3.8 GPA in prerequisite coursework
  • No repeated courses
  • No pass/fail in science courses
  • No grade below C+ in any course

Apply your skills and interests to the field of nursing.

In the accelerated nursing program, you'll complete your bachelor's degree in the major of your choice. No matter what you choose, you can make a difference in the nursing field. Available programs of study currently include:

Sample Program of Study
(Paired with a major in psychology)

accelerated bsn program fact sheet


Combine any major with nursing pre-requisites to create your program of study.

View Nursing Prerequisites


In addition to having the region’s most affordable tuition, we offer thousands of dollars in scholarships every year. Learn more about scholarships and aid for your path to a degree in nursing.

Questions? Contact Wayne State College or UNMC:

Dr. Yasuko Taoka
Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Wayne State College
Phone: 402-375-7394

Diana Rizzo
Student Services Coordinator
UNMC - Norfolk Campus
Phone: 402-844-7890

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