Wayne State College

Distance and Continuing Education

Taking Courses

Wayne State College's distance and continuing education programs provide lifelong learning opportunities, support non-traditional students and rural communities throughout the WSC service region, and promote the academic growth, creativity, quality, and integrity of Wayne State College.

Types of Courses

Distance and Continuing Education courses are offered in the following ways:

  • Face-to-Face: These courses range from graduate workshops to undergraduate degree-bearing. 
  • Online: These courses are accessed through myWSC using Canvas software.
  • Hybrid: These courses contain both a face-to-face and online component.
  • Teaching Channel online courses (self-paced): These courses for educators are for certificate renewal or personal enrichment and are not applicable to a degree program.

Helpful Information

Applying: The appropriate application for admission must be completed online. All transcripts must be on file before admission will be granted. Once admitted, registration for off-campus classes can be completed online using WildcatsOnline or by contacting the Distance and Continuing Education Office.

Tuition: Tuition rates are determined by the level of the course. Courses 100-499 are charged undergraduate tuition rates. Courses 500-799 are charged graduate tuition rates. 

Residency: A student who graduated from a Nebraska high school, previously attended college in Nebraska as a resident, or works in Nebraska but lives out of state, may qualify for resident tuition. A student who has attended WSC as a nonresident and now resides in Nebraska must complete a residency application to become eligible for resident tuition. Application and approval of residency must be completed prior to the class beginning. Contact the Records and Registration Office for more information.

Accessing online courses: Get directions for accessing online courses.

Books: Books are available at the Wayne State College bookstore. Books may also be ordered by contacting the bookstore, identifying what book is needed and paying for it by credit card.

Teacher certification: If a continuing education class is being taken to renew teacher certification, contact the WSC certification officer for approval.

Withdrawal from class: Dropping a class prior to the beginning of the term or withdrawal from a course may be completed online using WildcatsOnline or by contacting the Distance and Continuing Education Office. A withdrawal from school can only be done over the phone or in person based on deadlines published in the school academic calendar. When a withdrawal from school occurs, federal financial aid such as Pell Grant or Stafford Loans may have to be returned to the government and result in the student owing money to Wayne State College. (See refund schedule below.)

Tuition and Mandatory Fees Refund Percentages Fall and Spring Semesters Summer Sessions
100% refund During weeks 1 and 2 During days 1 and 2
50% refund During weeks 3 and 4 During days 3 and 4
25% refund During weeks 5-8  
No refund After week 8