Wayne State College

Dining on Campus

Special Diet and Sack Lunches

Special Diet

If you have special dietary needs or any food allergies, please contact us. Wayne State College has a registered dietician on campus every Wednesday that works directly with students and the Wayne State Dining Services chef to set up a program that meets your special dietary needs. If you have already met with a doctor or dietician, bring your doctor’s requests to the main dining center office, and we will do our absolute best to provide a program that meets your requirements.

Also check out our dining website, where you can find menus for each dining location across campus, including full nutrition information and ingredients list.

Coming soon to our Dine On Campus site: If you have food allergies, intolerances, and/or sensitivities, create an Allergen ID on our site or on the app. This will create a digital ID card that can be printed or uploaded to your smartphone wallet. Use your Allergen ID card to privately inform our staff of your dietary needs.

Sack Lunches

A sack lunch program is available for students with conflicting class schedules, those employed during meal periods, and those embarking on clinical practice (student teaching). Arrangements for sack lunches are made in the main dining center office located in the back of the dining hall.